Truth about vaccine safety or efficacy testing.

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News report declares "some vaccines given to Canadian kids in China failed potency tests, so those Canadian children may need more Canadian vaccines back here at home." Here's what the Canadian public (all all people) are never told about vaccine safety or efficacy testing.
1). Vaccine test subjects are never followed after their very short research trials, to see if they eventually get the disease in question during their lifetime. That means the success of vaccines for reducing disease or providing greater immunity (compared to not vaccinating), has never been verified, with any vaccine, in any creditable research study.
2) Vaccine test subjects are never followed for listed side effects of the vaccines, after the short research trial is over. All vaccines routinely list side effect sof brain damage, gut damage and immune dysfunction after vaccination. Some occur months or even years after vaccination. All the documented long term toxicology, carcinogenic or fertility side effects of vaccines are ignored during vaccine testing trials and those research time tables are purposely made short, to unethically hide the detriments of vaccines from the public.
3) Vaccine test subjects are tested for one thing and one thing only, which is anti body response. Oddly enough anti body response has never been concretely proven to infer greater immunity or resistance to disease because people with certain diseases have historically tested as having the exact antibodies needed to protect them (and got sick anyway) and people not sick in massive disease outbreak areas, have tested as having no antibodies what so ever to the disease in question, yet were immune to disease outbreak. Anti body theory (that viruses causes disease and that anti bodies protect against disease) is beyond questionable and completely dogmatic.
In short, vaccines fail the most basic scientific integrity protocols. Protocols taught as absolutely necessary in a grade 8 chemistry and science course. At this added link below hundreds of medical doctors and PhD scientists warn the public about the extreme scientific fraud involved with all pro-vaccine science.
Jason Christof