Tetanus Vaccine: Conversation of Mother & Doctor.

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Tetanus shot story from a mom who took her child to the ER with a cut:
Doc: We're going to give her a tetanus vaccine.
Mom: Really? What brand and configuration did you have in mind?
Doc: Just Tetanus.
Mom: You mean the Tdap?
Doc: Well, yes.
Mom: So, you want to give my child a vaccine for 3 diseases when you're only concerned about one?
Doc: It's the only way it comes (lying or uneducated, not sure)
Mom: So... How long will it take for the vaccine to help her create antibodies against Tetanus?
Doc: About 3 weeks.
Mom: If this wound contains Tetanus spores, how long before the spores start producing toxins causing lockjaw then death?
Doc: Immediately.
Mom: So you want to give her a vaccine that she won't mount an immune response to until about a week after she’s dead? You did say you went to Medical School, right?
We left without the shot or TiG... Scares me that I have more information than a doctor.
It should scare you too. —
feeling concerned."
~Dee Resnick Forlano
- Tetanus spores do not survive in an oxygenated atmosphere. Clean and wash wound, leave it open or bandage with gauge lightly. Just following this brought down cases of tetanus drastically.
- Tetanus spores do not exist in rust, only cattle and horse poop
- Homeopathic remedies like Hypericum and Ledum can abort tetanus
- People are known to have acquired natural antibodies to tetanus as per a study
- The tetanus vaccine contains both mercury and aluminium, it contains the tetanus toxoid which is one of the most powerful toxins known
- The vaccine is linked to paralysis and death