My appeal to activists.

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- Stop being politically correct
- Never owe allegiance to any political party/ ideology
- Never fall for the "scientific temper" argument. It is the lie on which the corporate behemoth rode to power and destroyed our lives and the world 
- Understand the ground situation
- Understand the views/ needs of the public
- Understand the history of the issue
- Understand the issue holistically; never push a fragmented view
- Identify your own bias and work around it
- Stop hating anyone. The person you hate is as much trapped in the situation as you are
- Develop the natural and open minded way of thinking and understanding an issue; this is the real "scientific temper"
- Step into both the victims and the perpetrators shoes
- Follow an issue to its logical source, get to the bottom of things
- Understand who exactly are profiting from the situation and how. This will lead you to the real villains of the game.