Medicine MUST change!

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Do you know what is the main problem? The perception of health. When you have the right perception you will become patient centric. You will understand the need of the patient. You will be geared towards cures and restoration of health. You will keep healthy people healthy and restore the health of those who are sick.
For business sense medicine has instead focused on disease. There is absolutely no profit in health. Earlier the ratio of physicians to patient's was abysmal. Because people were healthy it needed very few to address the needs of the sick. Even those few who existed had to take up other jobs to maintain themselves.
If you study history you will notice the change coming on as civilizations moved away from nature. Human beings are a part of nature built of the same elements and bacteria and viruses form the link. So long as civilizations stayed close to nature disease rates were low and people were healthy.
Political ambitions, invasions led to stress. Wars were an abomination that also vitiated the atmosphere. Industrialization herded people into towns and led to abysmal conditions and outbreaks. Things were controlled with sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, better housing and better pay.
However the practices of inoculation and vaccination led to mass poisoning and history is replete how chronic degenerative diseases showed up as epidemics after them. You don't inject studied toxins and poisons into people and expect them to be healthy.
Diseased matter invokes disease. By injecting human, animal, avian, and insect matter into humans disease has taken a never before observed form. Such suffering has never before been observed in history. People are experiencing suffering at a level that is thoroughly unnatural and they are seeking answers.
They are now refusing to believe the profession that has poisoned them and led to such a state and are taking health into their own hands. The medical profession that ought to have ensured cures have instead been the harbingers of disease at an unimaginable scale. It has been manipulated by an industry that has actively played the whole thing out by keeping the profession in the dark.
The early physicians whose tribe ended with Sir William Osler, MD saw through the ruse and warned. People left the profession in hordes and joined holistic medicine. Then was formed the AMA and came along the Flexner Report. Rockefeller and goons completely took over and Nazi minds of I G Farben wrote the rules.
The results are for all to see. The profession can regain trust by listening to those who are striving to establish healthy populations. There are many in the profession who are waking up and warning others. Unless reforms take place the entire system will collapse. Government support will not last forever and will ultimately be swayed by public opinion.