Indian Doctor's Point Out Irrational Vaccines.

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In India ethical doctors and medical scientists are pointing out how irrational vaccines are being introduced into the country. What are these irrational vaccines?
1. Vaccines for disease whose incidence is extremely low in the country, example Hib
2. Vaccines for diseases that can be easily treated, example rotavirus diarrhoea, measles, mumps
3. Vaccines that are causing death and adverse effects, example Pentavalent, HPV, OPV
4. Vaccines that have been proven ineffective/ harmful in clinical trials; Rotavirus, BCG, HPV
5. Vaccines that are being given to the wrong target group; Hep-B being given to infants and children
6. Vaccines for diseases that are best encountered in childhood; example, rubella, measles, mumps, whooping cough

They are also worried about other issues;
1. Mass vaccination leads to medication of healthy persons that is unethical
2. Mass irrational vaccination draws tax payer’s money away from genuine public health measures like nutrition, clean water, hygiene, sanitation, housing, poverty eradication etc
4. Most vaccines are not cost effective; the treatment costs of the diseases are miniscule compared to the billions countries have to pay for vaccines. And this cost does not include the money parents have to spend for a lifetime of diseases and disabilities they cause in their children
5. Most vaccines kill more children than the diseases they supposedly prevent
6. Having a vaccine prevents research into the illness and doctors forget how to treat the disease
7. Vaccines are causing strain shifts and also making other pathogens active
8. There is now enough research to show that childhood illnesses and acute diseases serve a purpose and protect from chronic degenerative diseases including cancer.