How do you end up so sick?

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How things move:
- Doctor I have a skin problem.
- "Fine, take this cream and this tablet, it will go".
- Doctor, I have bloating and acidity.
- "Take these antacids and these medicines for the bloating".
- Doctor, I have developed this allergy and cough.
- "Take these anti-histamines, and this cough syrup. You will be good in a day or two"
- I feel unsteady Doctor, and very tense. What is wrong with me?
- "Hmm.. you have high BP. You have to take these pills for life. Be careful."
- No appetite Doctor, I feel tired and sluggish. My liver doesn't seem too good. I have developed a fever.
- "You are suffering a viral hepatitis infection. Had you taken your Hep-B shot? Anyway take these pills. Get the tests done. You need to get admitted to a hospital if things get worse."
- Doctor my fatigue just wont go away. I feel tired all the time. I am always hungry and urinating more than usual.
- "You seem to have developed diabetes. How old are you? 40+? Oh, that is normal then. Get a blood test and then start taking your medicines regularly. Go for walks, adopt a diet."
- My feet are swelling up Doctor. I feel fatigued and drowsy. No sleep at night. I am throwing up food. My urine does not seem right.
- Oh my God, get your serum creatinine and urine protein levels checked. How did you manage to damage your kidneys?
That is how disease progresses folks; from the surface to the organs. While the body throws things out, your actions drive them inward. While cleaning up a house do you throw the waste out of your house, or do you keep it stored to fester at home? In the above example the body was acting in your favour, and to a great extent fighting the damage you were causing. But repeated actions made it give up in the end.