Germs & Viruses: Friend or Foe?

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Without bacteria and viruses life would not be possible. Are they disease agents? To find out one has to consider what causes disease.
All holistic medical sciences point towards toxins as the cause. 

These toxins can be produced due to several reasons ranging from wrong thoughts to wrong food and wrong lifestyle. Today we live in a toxic world and toxins are being mass delivered as medicines.

When faced with toxicity the body attempts detoxification. It tries to expel and battle toxins through inflammation, fevers, eruptions, coughs and colds, flu like symptoms, dysentery and diarrhea. In extreme cases we see eczema, psoriasis, warts, and liver and kidney problems.

Bacteria and viruses help in the process of detoxification. Thus they are not disease agents but detoxification tools. They enable normal functioning of the body and when the body faces toxicity they try to keep it healthy and strong by triggering detoxification processes.

By targeting them as disease agents we hinder the detoxification process and drive the disease deeper into the system leading to chronic and degenerative diseases that ultimately lead to organ diseases, organ failure and death.

Today we are observing how deep seated diseases are going into remission when acute problems like fevers and rashes are induced with viruses. The measles, chicken pox, and polio viruses are being used to treat cancers.

Naturopaths also do the same with diet, detoxification, exposure to natural elements and exercise. Homeopaths observe the process all the time. Ayurveds know the dynamics behind it. It is time we paid attention to toxicity instead of attacking the germs and viruses that keep us healthy.