Doctors are feeling trapped.

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Worldwide doctors are feeling the heat. In forums helplessness is surfacing as they express anguish at goings on. It is good to see seniors exhorting the profession to look within.
- Doctors today acknowledge they are employees of an industry and not free
- The Consumer Protection Act applicable to doctors is hurting patients more as doctors become defensive
- The extreme disease burden in society is forcing them to look at environmental causes and therefore beyond what is taught in medical schools
- It is being acknowledged that medical education is inadequate and is propelled by industry needs
- High cost of medical education makes the profession unviable as salary earned is not enough to repay debts
- Contract system is making doctors equivalent to daily labour
- Corruption seems to be the only option to even those who have realized the value of honesty as they have mouths to feed
- In conferences the discussion today centers around the futility of such events
- Senior doctors are mooting the idea of parallel schooling where young doctors will be taught by seniors. This is already a practice in AYUSH sector
- There are calls that medical research must be public and not corporate funded
- General physicians have started their own research and are no longer believing in industry sponsored findings
- There is realization that many wrongs are being committed but there is frustration that no concerted effort is being directed towards tackling them
- There is grudging acknowledgement that holistic doctors are showing remarkable efficacy with their sincere efforts
- Fewer doctors today believe that holistic systems are unscientific and quackery
- A reverse Bridge Course where modern doctors will be taught holistic concepts is underway but holistic doctors complain that holism is missing from such an effort
The challenge is huge. But the bridge must be crossed as people in India are crossing over to alternative methods in hordes and benefiting. An honest appraisal and sincere efforts can still salvage the situation.