Why Skin Problems Must be Respected.

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Eczema - Skin Eruption Suppression

The skin is an organ that covers the entire body. It possesses millions of pores, which serve the functions of elimination and absorption. The skin can absorb any substance applied to it. For this reason, soaps, cosmetics, shampoos, creams, or household cleaners containing hazardous chemical substances should be avoided. Harmful chemicals absorbed through the skin can affect internal organs.

The skin is a great emanatory organ. When the liver is overtaxed with toxins and unable to keep up detoxification processes, the skin comes to its assistance.

The purging of toxins on the surface of the skin is an indication that the organism is desperately trying to get rid of accumulated waste products.

As long as the skin purges toxins, no toxin damage will occur. Toxins will begin to infiltrate the system only when it fails to externalize them. 

Homeopathy Eczema Suppression Theory 

When a skin is treated with a topical ointment and the eruption disappears, we believe the condition has been cured, but all we did was shove it back in.

When we suppress a cutaneous eruption we force the very organism (toxin) that the body is trying to eliminate back into the system. The skin is clear, but the internal toxins, having no external outlet, have full opportunity to concentrate on internal organs and tissues.

What the body does not excrete, it accumulates in the space between the blood vessels and the cells, known as inter cellular space.

Over time, if these toxins are not eliminated, they will begin to intoxicate the intercellular structure of the organism and eventually permeate the cells.

This gives rise to accumulation of re-entered toxins and cause serious internal problems and diseases.

Side-Effect of Eczema Suppression 

After a five year girl is treated topically for eczema, asthma develops. Why?

Skin disease is viewed as the body’s attempt to release internal toxins. When the organism is no longer able to eliminate toxins via the natural routes of elimination, it eliminates toxins through the skin. All external manifestations are an expression of the organism freeing itself from toxins. Skin disease is not simply a condition of the skin, but an underlying internal disorder expressing itself externally.

The skin eliminates internal impurities through the pores. When we treat eczema topically, we drive the very toxins that the body is trying to eliminate back in, allowing them to concentrate on internal organs and tissues. In the case of the five year old girl, toxins permeated her lungs. When her eczema disappeared, asthma developed.

Asthma is a classical case of suppression, where the disease is transported from one organ to another.The right homeopathic remedy brings out a disease that is suppressed in the system. When asthma is treated and eczema returns, healing follows.

It is important to note, that this reasoning not only applies to the suppression of a skin eruption, but of every external eruption, whatsoever.

Nature naturally excretes unwanted waste from within out to maintain homeostasis. This can be observed through normal body function such as urination, menstrual bleeding, ejaculation, tears, suppuration, nasal discharge, perspiration, and bowel movements.

Do not suppress the body's natural method of healing; doing so may lead to a serious internal disease.