Why is vaccination harm not revealed?

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An IAS Officer in India has expressed her 'gut feeling' that the MMR vaccine causes autism. An IAS Officer will never write just out of "gut feeling". The truth is vaccines cause a host of diseases of which neurological and psychiatric/ behavioural disorders are only a part.

Vaccines with their ingredients and mechanism of action are primed to harm. This is the reason why doctors and experts are never taught crucial aspects of vaccination as a part of their curriculum. They are only told the propaganda stuff - that vaccines are safe and effective. The truth is to the contrary.

Why is the harm then not revealed? One has to understand the functioning of the medical industry and its history. The industry is everything. All educated by it and working under it are merely subordinates who have to go by diktat and perform according to industry needs.

There is basically no difference between a medical representative and the so called health experts. They exist simply to boost sales and profits. They are licensed and own industry awarded degrees. If they go against the grain they stand to lose all.

Most of them are brainwashed into believing they know much. The recent revelations about how the Bible of medicine, the Harrison's Text, too is sponsored by the industry pricks that bubble.

The entire medical system is propped up by the industry. There is no scope for health and cures. There is only business and the urge to profit from ill health. That ill health is mass produced by vaccines.

Without vaccines to irreversibly destroy health and create generations dependent on drugs the entire medical industry would collapse like a house of cards. Society would do well to understand this and take appropriate action. They will be supported by many good souls from within the industry itself who know exactly what is wrong and are waiting for the masses to wake up.

Alternative to Vaccination?
Is there any alternative to potassium cyanide? Think about that. For a healthy child one must keep pregnancy drug and vaccine free. Go in for a normal childbirth. Breastfeed including the first colostrum. And keep mother and
 child under holistic care. 

Childhood illnesses are not diseases. They are an effort to throw out the inherited disease load. They are the key to health and wellness. Science recognizes this today when it says, "Febrile, inflammatory, and eruptive diseases prevent chronic degenerative diseases including cancers later in life." 

Disease is inherently about toxicity. One must reduce the impact of toxins - both natural and artificial. Natural toxins are produced by wrong thoughts and actions. Even the normal functioning of the body creates toxins which are dealt with through fevers, colds and coughs, diarrhoea and eruptions. Vaccination is extreme toxic harm. It is the complete anti-thesis to health.

An IAS Officer writes;
During the past 40 years or so that I have been in public service, I feel that cases of autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome (ADHS) are on the increase. My gut feeling is that this may have something to do with mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) vaccination about which there is a raging controversy. To be on the safe side, I would not advise taking children for any kind of immunisation if they are at all feeling ill or a bit under the weather. Anti-MMR protagonists say that when the intestinal flora is disturbed and vaccination is done at that time, untoward reactions such as autism, etc, can occur.