Why India Matters

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When I was studying Mahayana Tantra of Buddhism I came across tantric practices centred on a birth in India. The Buddhists sought rebirth in India to be able to continue their spiritual quest.

India has been the cradle of spirituality. Archaeological remains point towards extensive prehistoric settlements in India. Its ancient texts point towards the same direction. While ruins of temples and big structures remain, human settlements tend to fade as they leave little ecological footprints mirroring a civilization that respected nature and natural laws and sought to expand upon them to reach into the recesses of the unknown.

The resultant discoveries led to vast improvements in thought and reflected aspirations that balanced sustainable living with spiritual ambitions that spanned several lifetimes - a tradition that still continues in Bhutan and Tibet. The tradition was carried into these lands through Indian giants Padmasambhava and Lama Atish Dipankar.

Hinduism began with nature and offshoots like Jainism and Buddhism stepped entirely into Tantra - powerful explorations into the feminine - to master nature and life. Tantra requires perfect equanimity and balance because the powers gained can be devastating if not controlled by a mind that is rooted in love, compassion and wisdom.

What happens if debased minds get access to that power? We are seeing the results everywhere today as negative Tantra currently rules the world. London, Washington and Rome are the centres of such a Tantra. A malicious force has been tapped into and is being strengthened by extremely perverted minds that delight in confusion and destruction and enjoy the pain that results from it. We are allowing this force into our lives and countries by participating in ideas and practices dictated from the West.

The situation was foreseen by the masters of Tantra in India. They had thus forbidden contacts with that civilization. Both these civilizations - one constructive and the other destructive - have had prehistoric contacts and are wary of each other.

Around 10,000 years ago the magnanimous Shiva the Tantric mastermind was appeased by these forces who had allowed them a free run in this part of time. They will run riot and then again be crushed to rise again like a Phoenix in another part of time. From dust they arise and to dust they return in cycles.

Man has a free will that provides scope to align with either positive or destructive forces. Therefore that will is always manipulated and is up for sale. The current paradigm that rules us is based upon this play of the mind. It always poses as the ultimate pleasure that can be availed in the physical world.

However the traditional culture of India has always rejected this mirage. The physical world is transient and impermanent. It cannot form the basis of any constructive long term strategy. Things have to be always viewed from the point of the all pervading consciousness that is eternal. All the Indian masters of oriental religions that have sprung from this land have stressed upon this.

Jesus too belonged to this tradition and has therefore been distorted and rejected. He has been subtly replaced by another and this is reflected in the extreme corruption and perversion that we witness today.

Thinking people have to reject this and consciously align themselves with the permanent truth that has been the hallmark of India. This is a fight that must be engaged in and won. The fight is both physical and mental.

Today we are seeing violence replacing discussion and debate. In the deeper sense this is because the space for discussion and debate has been subtly manipulated by the current paradigm. The spiritual forces will thus return in another form. It is much like the eastern art of Jiu-jitsu. The strength of the enemy is manipulated to lead to his defeat.

The stress on physical alone has resulted in tremendous and unfathomable pain and suffering that the all pervading consciousness cannot ignore any longer. Through destruction it will seek reconstruction. Such events have happened in the past and the stage is set again.

Who is suffering? Not individuals alone but the reality that pervades everything. By nature it is compassionate and benevolent. But when the physical does not reflect it, it reasserts with destructive power. We should understand this to know the real force behind the events that will unfold. It will be Tantra versus Tantra. Both are playing at a deep level. The physical forces are mere representatives.