Vaccination is Mass Hypnotism

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No one in the medical profession has any clear idea about vaccine ingredients and how they impact the body. The advent of vaccines and their conception is full of assumptions that defy logic. There is no proof that vaccines have prevented any disease; the causal mechanism has never been critically studied or proven in clinical trials. Statistics disprove vaccines and points out the role of poverty eradication, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition. That vaccines are unsafe is acknowledged in scientific journals and cannot but be noticed by those who administer them. Manipulations masquerade as invincible science. Proof of safety and efficacy are fictitious and yet accepted like the pronouncement of a Papacy. The zeal to vaccinate is overwhelming. Strangely no one knows where exactly this zeal stems from; it is all pervasive - everywhere. The perpetrators just know they have to vaccinate and earn from it. It is a Juggernaut that will not stop till all life is crushed under its advancing wheels. The system ensures no one can be held responsible for this silent genocide that takes place under the very noses of the public and led by willing parents who rush forward to sacrifice their children. It is a mass hypnotism that would be the envy of the best of magicians.