Vaccination: Guiding Researchers

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Dear Dr ____,

Thank you for sharing your dissertation with me. It is very good. However I would suggest you focus slightly on vaccine ingredients as these are very harmful and cause most of the problems. Vaccination harm is also a multiplication effect. A child is not given one vaccine, but around 42 doses. They are given indiscriminately without looking for contraindications or follow up for long term harm. Another factor to be noted is the suppressive treatment for the illnesses following vaccination using fever reducers and antibiotics that seriously compound the problems. Thus it is no longer a case of vaccinosis alone but also poisoning and iatrogenic disease presenting itself. Besides sycotic patients tubercular patients are also severely affected by vaccination. You must also examine if vaccination really eradicated any disease or sanitation and hygiene did it.

These are some links that may guide you.

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During the first 8 decades of the 20th century, the infectious disease mortality rate in the United States declined substantially, consistent with the concept of epidemiologic transition. Improvements in living conditions, sanitation, and medical care probably accounted for this trend.  

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You are free to include anything that you feel will add to your dissertation. As your dissertation will be read by other homeopaths it will add to their knowledge and allow them to better address the needs of children.

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