The Vaccine Myth

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By Dr Ravi Kulasekere

The so called vaccine science is held together by a few carefully crafted threads. They are the belief that vaccines are safe and effective, that vaccines have eradicated disease and is the medical marvel of the 20th century, and that we all need to be vaccinated to maintain something called community or herd immunity. If anyone dares to question the fragility of these they are immediately attacked and burnt at the stake or crucified. Once you stop believing and start looking outside the box what you find is a bunch of horrifying lies and a cruel human experiment that's currently worth $34 billion dollars to the industry and projected to reach nearly $100 billion in the next 25 years and a lot of money in the pockets of politicians and modern medicine.

You don't have to believe me, just do some literature searches with the appropriate keywords and you will see what I mean. The science needed to end this madness is all there but unfortunately those who make money refuse to accept anything other than the manufactured and doctored science that fits their vaccine agenda. 

Vaccines are neither safe nor very effective due to the nature of what's in them, the allergic response they elicit and the way they interact with only part of our very complex immune system. We inject this crap into our babies within hours of being born (which to me is asinine) and then continue to assault the growing systems in their bodies repeatedly nearly 50 times within their first six years. The extremely important question "Is our very aggressive vaccine schedule for kids with the aggregate effects safe or harmful?" has NEVER been asked, it's assumed safe. Vaccines also cause a plethora of allergies, auto-immune reactions, life-long debilitating neurological disease, chronic conditions such as eczema, recurrent ear-infections, food allergies, GI issues and the list goes on. NONE of these are investigated as possible latent vaccine adverse effects (even though the inserts list these and many more as possible side effects) because they happen after some time. In some the reactions are immediate or within days but in some they can take time to show up. Also kids with certain genetic issues are more susceptible to vaccine injury and none of this new knowledge is EVER considered when pushing the standard one size fits all vaccine program at the present time. This is NOT science or evidence based medicine.

Also vaccine have NEVER eradicated any disease, NONE. The all too often heard polio and small pox victories are nothing but fairy tales. Polio is well and alive and small pox disappeared along with the sanitary improvements of the turn of the century. In fact the vaccine caused more smallpox than not and the interested reader is welcome to read the very extensively researched book Dissolving Illusions by Dr Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk.

The whole theory of herd immunity is just that a theory and does not apply to vaccines by a long shot. This topic deserves it's own post. For now one can safely assume that the notion of herd immunity with vaccine induced antibody protection (which does not last a lifetime) makes no sense as the vast majority of adults have never received a booster for many of their childhood vaccines and there are no widespread outbreaks as predicted by the loss of herd immunity.

Once you realize that vaccines are pushed on you by those who tend to profit from them (and are also protected from law if their product kills or maims your child) by fear mongering, coercion and pushing laws to mandate by using politicians who are clueless about any of this, you begin to see the proverbial emperor has no clothes. So get busy, do your own research on the topic. Educate your pediatrician because they don't know the truth either and most importantly talk to your political representatives who are unaware as well. If you read this far then that's more than what most will do
. Wake up, educate yourself and learn the risk.