The many causes of cancer

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I am always told that the reasons of the cancer epidemic in today's world are unknown. However if you just browse, the following reasons become apparent;
- The suppression of childhood illnesses
- Suppression of acute illnesses in adults
- Carcinogenic and tumorogenic ingredients in the vaccines directed at children and adults
- The use of hormonal contraceptives
- Pesticides and herbicides
- Cosmetics
- Industrial tobacco products
- Processed food ingredients
- Illegal preservatives in food chain
- Ingredients in sanitizers, tooth paste, soap, room fresheners, paints
- Use of vaccines, antibiotics, hormones and steroids in dairy, meat industry and poultry
- Environmental pollution
- Plastics, industrial pollutants
- Use of X-Ray, other invasive procedures

- Asbestos and Benzene, work place hazards
- Cell phones and cell tower radiation
- Prescription medicines, rampant over prescription
- Chemotherapy and radiation
- False positives and intentional over diagnosis!
I have posted several times on the above subjects. Two things are to be noted; we are being subject to potent carcinogens and our bodies are being made cancer prone. Unless these are checked and treatment modalities invented to treat and reverse such poisoning what is the use of spending thousands of crores setting up cancer hospitals that will employ methods that cause cancers in the first place? Are we guinea pigs to be butchered for profit?