Selective Vaccination?

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Troubled by vaccine indulgence and injury some doctors in India are today gently advocating only the diphtheria and polio vaccines (injectible). However this decision too is not based on ground reality. The diphtheria vaccine cannot logically prevent diphtheria because even natural diphtheria does not always provide immunity. The adaptive immunity is not triggered by the disease as the bacteria has little invasive capacity. You can suffer again and again if you are prone. It is a syphilitic disease. Therefore if natural exposure does not help, artificial exposure also cannot provide protection. It has never been subject to any clinical trial to prove its effectiveness. Presented as the DPT in India it is a highly reactive vaccine tied to a series of adverse effects. Regarding polio, the origin of the virus is shrouded in mystery. It was assumed that the virus causes polio. Injected into monkeys it did not cause paralysis. They had to inject diseased matter into the brain of monkeys to prove the paralysis connection. Injecting matter into brain will in any way lead to neurological damage and possible paralysis. Even today how an enterovirus (virus living in the gut) travels up the spine to cause paralysis is not known. The polio epidemic the world witnessed was caused by DDT/ other pesticides and the use of lead and arsenic containing paints in homes. It was by curtailing these that the epidemic was contained. Anterior horn paralysis we witnessed earlier can only be caused by DDT. The lameness we witness as polio today is due to various factors like heavy metals, pesticides, other neurotoxins, vaccines, injections, and tonsil operations. It is acknowledged that hardly 10% of polio cases may be due to the virus. By manipulating the virus in vaccines it has become more virulent. This is the nature of viruses. Ordinarily they serve a good purpose. Today the polio virus is being used to treat cancers. But if they are stressed and manipulated they become harmful. The entire issue surrounding virus mutations is shrouded in mystery because no serious research on the aspects I have touched has ever been done. Those who research viruses know that much of the virus theory is imagination because it is rarely that viruses are identified through electron microscopy. Much is just cell fragmentation that is passed off as viruses. The viral vaccines we have do not contain isolated viruses but tissues and cell fragments assuming they have the virus in them. The researchers also know that viruses are essential and help in many ways. It is highly unusual for viruses to mutate and cause problems. They are produced by cells to perform bodily functions and for inter cellular communication and are not living entities.