Human DNA in Vaccines & Gender Confusion

WI-38 is the cell lines from a FEMALE aborted fetus, used to cultivate viruses used in vaccines.
When you inject the DNA from a FEMALE (carrying two X chromosomes) into a MALE (who already carries one X chromosome and a weaker Y chromosome) you now have an overload of the X chromosome.
Now we have an onslaught of BOYS who think they should be GIRLS.
Do we have male DNA in vaccines? YES! MRC-5 is the code given to the fetal cell line also used to cultivate vaccine viral components, and it comes from a MALE aborted fetus. Do we have girls thinking they are boys? YES! Is it as prominent as boys wanting to be girls? NO!
Why? Because girls have two dominant X chromosomes. When they are injected with a vaccine containing MRC-5, they aren't just getting a Y chromosome, but yet another dominant X chromosome, on top of the two they already have. That's why you don't see as many girls wanting to be boys as you do the other way around.
New Published Italian Study: MICRO and NANO-CONTAMINATION in VACCINES
Chemical Gender Manipulation: Turning boys into girls. Warning: This article is not politically correct
How many parents know that vaccines have been made using aborted fetal cells, which are more like stem cells, and that in the creation of vaccine antigens. Do you think there is any problem in, and with that? It is again all proven with the pharma clinical trials and previously done scientific studies to be entirely safe and effective; and so you would suppose and expect; right? The fact is that NONE of it has been tested for safety, and obviously they have not tested even as much as if or not serious levels of DNA residual fragments contamination exist in those vaccines. They simply lie to the public at the CDC and with unproven false assurances, and which are made by what are clearly, falsely assumed authorities.
Dr Theresa Deisher - Worldwide Autism Epidemic & Human Fetal Manufactured Contaminated Vaccines