Ending the Explosion of Mental Disorders

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Many links are provided below. To add my views. We can address the rising prevalence of various forms of mental disorders by

- Restricting medication in pregnancy
- Allowing natural home birth
- Not medicating in infancy and childhood
- Allowing inflammatory, eruptive and febrile childhood illnesses to return
- Allowing acute diseases like flu, colds, diarrhea, fevers to resolve on their own
- Restricting use of antibiotics
- Examining prescription drugs for their psychological impacts
- Fighting alcoholism and drug abuse (these are actually both mental and physical health problems)
- Doing away with plastics
- Avoiding Tattoos 
- Non interference in skin and acne problems
- Addressing environmental pollution in all forms
- Severely restricting pesticides and herbicides
- Restoring the natural food chain & avoiding processed food
- Avoiding industrial milk, meat and eggs
- Encouraging fermented food
- Avoiding sugar, sweetened and energy drinks
- Reverting to sea salt
- Setting apart time for self
- Engaging in social work
- Ending the GDP race!

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