What was the murdered scientist working on?

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The recent death of Tristan Beaudette, a murdered pharma scientist shot while camping in Malibu, has stirred up a lot of questions. Tristan was a vaccine researcher. Here is a list of published research papers involving vaccines that Tristan worked on. It's a good idea the public starts researching how these vaccines are being designed to disable the population. All it takes is one protein in one vaccine to harm someone.
- Acid-degradable polyurethane particles for protein-based vaccines biological evaluation and in vitro analysis of particle degradation products
- In vitro analysis of acetalated dextran microparticles as a potent delivery platform for vaccine adjuvants
- T-cell Activation by Antigen-loaded pH-sensitive Hydrogel Particles In Vivo: The Effect of Particle Size
- In vivo studies on the effect of co-encapsulation of CpG DNA and antigen in acid-degradable microparticle vaccines
- Acetal-Derivatized Dextran: An Acid-Responsive Biodegradable Material for Therapeutic Applications
- Acetalated dextran is a chemically and biologically tunable material for particulate immunotherapy
- Chemoselective Ligation in the Functionalization of Polysaccharide-based Particles
- Acetal-Modified Dextran Microparticles with Controlled Degradation Kinetics and Surface Functionality for Gene Delivery in Phagocytic and Non-Phagocytic Cells