What a Medical Researcher Says About Vaccines

Most of the ingredients in vaccines­—including aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, B2 glycoprotein, Triton X-100®, Polysorbate or Tween 80®, 60 and 20, 2-Phenoxyethanol, etc.—are neurotoxins, toxic to cells, cell structure and neurons. Vaccines are designed such that “tissue damage” is a necessary component of antibody creation to acquire some level of assumed immunity. Tissue damage, cell death or apoptosis are required aspects of vaccination success. The key is to cause tissue damage without damaging the person herself. After 100 years of vaccination science we are still as yet unable to achieve that goal. Vaccine damage is ubiquitous.

There are low-responders and non-responders the medical profession fails to discuss publicly and inform us about. Within every country-population cohort—people that will respond to vaccination with low or zero recognizable titers and whose immune system simply will not “take” to the vaccine—make up a normal and expected percentage of the population. Non- and low-responders can be responsible for outbreaks of disease just as fully vaccinated individuals can acquire and spread the illnesses they were vaccinated for. Vaccination is never, ever 100% and comes with no guarantees of protection or immunity to disease nor guarantees against serious harm or death.

 Historically, the innate immune system was at the forefront of disease defense and it mobilized epithelial barriers (referring to the skin and the thin tissue covering the body’s surface and lining the alimentary canal and other hollow structures of the ears, eyes, nose and throat), special lymphocytes called “ natural killer (NK)” cells, plasma proteins and other immune system components. Vaccination bypasses the innate immune system and directly affects only the humoral immune system (referring to antibodies in body fluids as distinct from cells).

Decades of bypassing the innate immune system along with removal of common and tolerable childhood “challenge” diseases—mumps, chicken pox, measles, etc.—has caused a reversal in the way our bodies fight viral and bacterial infection. Evolutions first line of defense and the faster, stronger primary system, the innate immune system, has been relegated to second place with vaccination causing the slower acting humoral immune system to occupy the first line of defense. The result of repeated vaccination to perturb the human immune system into developing antibodies to less than 2 dozen different tolerable childhood ailments—antibodies which have never been proven to be markers of immunity—has manifest as 100 or more human disorders after little more than 100 years of vaccination. The epidemic of disease we can now see surrounding us is staggering.

-          Jeff Prager, Medical Researcher, 2015