Vaccines: Neither safe, nor effective; not evidence based.

Neither safe, nor effective. Not evidence based either. The pride of modern medicine, vaccination is a scandal even the Devil should be ashamed about.
"To tow the corporate line on vaccines; that they are safe and effective would be dangerous. No one studies vaccines beyond the industry, no one. The officials simply sign on the dotted line. This has been officially acknowledged when the issue about aluminum in vaccines came up, saying that as vaccines are "perceived to be safe" no one looks into them. 

Vaccines have been fought by doctors right since they were introduced till the industry started the commission system against both purchase and targets. Ordinarily it is up to 40% off on purchase and another 20% on fulfilling the target, paid in advance. When I floated a mail citing studies that linked vaccines to 200 ailments including deaths and severe disabilities, ethical doctors probing the issue informed me that the actual number was 212. There has never been any study to determine whether vaccines are effective. Researchers using disease data found out that the diseases vaccines are supposed to have eradicated were in decline decades before the vaccines were introduced. 

In case of small pox it was found that the disease spiked and caused more deaths wherever the vaccine was given in a mass scale. This was observed even in India and Gandhi forbade his ashramites from taking the vaccine. The BCG vaccine studied extensively in India being prodded by C Rajagopalachari from 1969 to 1984 revealed 0% efficacy and more TB cases in the vaccinated group. Autism cases surfaced in 1943 a few years after the DPT was launched and has become an epidemic worldwide.

Interestingly autism is exceedingly rare in unvaccinated children. Vaccines are given to healthy children and thus the tolerance limit is zero particularly as the chronic diseases induced have no cure forcing one into a lifetime of suffering. When the parents in the USA came to know the bluff and started filing cases and won, the vaccine industry was ready to close shop. But inexplicably in 1986 Parliamentarian Bill Frist inserted the "no liability" clause providing total indemnity to the industry. This was ratified by then President Ronald Reagan. 

Till date $ 3.8 billion has been paid out as compensation to victims in the USA, 85 of them for vaccine induced autism. Despite tough laws barring parents from filing cases another 8000 cases are pending. The compensation is being payed from a cess charged in each vaccine. 

Insiders say that as vaccines induce varied diseases, the medical industry needs them to survive. Another theory is that as vaccines contain myriad anti-fertility and abortion inducing agents, like mercury, polysorbate 80, antifreeze, borax, squalene etc, they are being used for covert population control. It is wrong to say that mercury is out of vaccines. "Mercury free" single vial vaccines in developed countries still contain 0.5 to 7mcg of mercury per vial as the heavy metal is used in the manufacturing process. Mercury is a genotoxin, and hence, is more dangerous in minute doses."