Vaccines & the Blood Brain Barrier.

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Polysorbate 80 + Aluminum = BBB Breach!
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Polysorbate 80 is used as an emulsifier by the pharmaceutical industry to enhance the delivery of chemicals/drugs from the blood into the brain across the blood brain barrier (BBB). Being that the BBB is impermeable to many things in the bloodstream, researchers needed to find a way to deliver chemicals/drugs into the brain from the bloodstream in order to treat hard-to-reach brain infections/lesions/tumors, etc. Polysorbate 80 is one such chemical that helps in this delivery.…
Aluminum a direct barrier toxin.
We do know that it can take 8-10 years for the aluminum in vaccines to migrate from the injection site through the lymph system until it lodges in distant organs like the brain, liver, spleen, and elsewhere where it wreaks untold damage.
Dr Palevsky asks
Since vaccines contain polysorbate 80, we can ask the following questions;
1) What vaccine materials get across the BBB, with the help of polysorbate 80, into the brain of children? and
2) What effect do they have once they get into the brain? Do they contribute to inflammation, toxicity, encephalitis?
Since polysorbate 80 works as an emulsifier, and will also enhance the delivery of vaccine materials into the rest of the cells of the body,
3) What vaccine materials enter the cells of our bodies?
4) Do they remain in the cells once they get in there?
5) Do they impair any parts of the cells, i.e, mitochondrial DNA, nuclear DNA, or other cellular apparatuses - endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus?
6) Do they become part of the DNA of the cells since there are whole DNA strands from live viruses in the vaccines, along with foreign animal DNA and bacterial/viral/yeast protein antigens?
7) If they do become part of the DNA, how does this change the function and/or regulatory systems in the cells?
😎 Do the materials from vaccines (e.g. aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde) entering through the cell membranes at the hands of polysorbate 80 do anything to impair the electrical charge of the cell membrane, or impair/alter the way materials enter or exit the cell through the cell membrane (nutrients, cellular wastes, manufactured proteins, or enzymes?
Since babies have a poorly developed BBB, which may not solidify for at least the first 6 months, or maybe longer if they have a brewing inflammatory condition yet to be determined that has delayed the full development of the BBB, then questions 3-8 apply to their brains as well.
We don't know the answers to most/all of these questions because studies have never been done to evaluate them.
We use vaccines all for the sake of producing an antibody to bacteria and viruses that might not give us protection against getting the diseases anyway.
Of note, we are already protected against getting diseases from trillions of bacteria and viruses that live along the linings of our bodies and within the DNA of our cells, for which we don't have antibodies, so antibodies are not the be-all and end-all of protection from disease. Even the textbooks, the literature, and the CDC admit to this.
With ever-increasing cases of significant neuro-inflammatory conditions in this country, and the fact that the US has one of the highest rates of chronic inflammatory conditions in the world, (…/americans-have-worse-health-than…), shouldn't we know the answers to these questions?
Ask questions first, then shoot.
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