To Heal Disease Clean the Terrain

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At least once a day I am confronted by someone who believes their dis-ease or condition is so unique and so advanced and so severe, and they believe they are so well educated about their dis-ease or condition that no one can tell them anything about it that they don't already know. After all, they have been living with it for years or even all their life and have read every study ever done and sought out every solution one could imagine.
When I suggest detoxification to heal their body to them, they tell me that "there is no way in hell that their dis-ease or condition could EVER be cured by a change in diet!" They laugh at the thought and argue to the death that healing for them would be impossible. What they don't realize is that they are dismissing something they really know nothing about. It isn't about the food, although a change in diet IS necessary to heal the body. It is about the body's ability to heal itself, something they have never been taught or experienced. Or have they?
When they sliced their finger with a knife, the cut bled and hurt, but within a few days it was healed. It is the same way on the inside of the body. But people have never seen that, so they don't know that. The fact is, as humans we are all the same. We all have approximately 100 trillion cells and two major fluids in our body: blood and lymphatic fluid. The only differences in our bodies are our levels of lymphatic constipation (toxicity and overacidity) and our inherited glandular weaknesses.
Our dis-eases and conditions are caused by toxicity, overacidity and inherited glandular weaknesses. The only way to get these toxins and acids out is to detoxify the body. I don't mean for a few days or a week or a month. It can take up to 5-10 years to clean out your body's lymphatic system to remove these toxins, acids, parasites including yeasts, fungi, warts, viruses, bacteria overloads, worms of all types, flukes, molds, sulfur, spirochetes, damaged cells, chemical medications, etc., etc., and all the obstructions that prevent healing from naturally occurring. You must also rebuild your inherited glandular weaknesses.
Detoxification also corrects digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination. Detoxification isn't about nutrition coming in which supposedly strengthens the body; it is about getting rid of that which weakens it. Detoxification isn't just a cleansing experience; it is a rebuilding one as well. You must strengthen and rebuild your weakened organs and glands. Without detoxification TRUE healing cannot take place.
Rx drugs and treatments are acids in the body that do further damage. They suppress symptoms, push and stuff the acids and toxins deeper into the tissues (only to emerge again later) and can never truly heal correctly because they do not address the cause. There is no cure in treatment-based thinking. Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia is a multi-trillion dollar a year industry that wants to keep you as a customer for life, so they tell you that you MUST take drugs to live, when in truth these chemicals are slowly killing you. The sick care industry is not about health at all. It is about huge profits...PERIOD.
Nutrition and adding supplements to your body will never cure anything...ever! That is also treatment-based thinking. It's what you must remove from your body and eliminate from your diet that will heal you.
Dis-eases and conditions will vanish when you clean the terrain.
It was NEVER about the germs or about the bacteria; it is about the culturing medium: the terrain. - Karen Lee"
By Shane Keshken