So you think vaccines are safe?

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88 pages:
Are vaccines safe?
Are vaccines studied as thoroughly as we think?
Flu shot homework:
Flu vaccine causing the flu (2018):
Those who get the flu vaccine at higher risk for illness:
Pregnancy and the flu shot:
Aluminum adjuvants and Thimerosal in vaccines:
Aluminum and autism:
"The first genetic risk factor we studied is a mutation in GABAA, a receptor on both neurons and immune cells. Immune cells use this receptor to control the release of cytokines. When we mutate the GABAA gene in the mom and fetus, her pups do not behave differently. But when we trigger an immune response (vaccination)...the mutation causes her immune cells to release too many cytokines, resulting in dramatic damage to the placenta, and extreme autistic-like behaviors in the pups."
Autoimmune issues:
Herd Immunity:
Science of the Dtap/Tdap/aP vaccine:
Vaccinated get pertussis more frequently:
The current pertussis vaccine does not prevent colonization or transmission, and many fully vaccinated children are getting pertussis, and newborns are catching it from fully-vaccinated siblings who have suppressed symptoms. This is mainstream, published, fully acknowledged and respected science.
Live bacteria?
Efficacy issues:
Tdap & Pregnancy:
"DTP was associated with 5-fold higher mortality than being unvaccinated. No prospective study has shown beneficial survival effects of DTP"
Vitamin K:
The Hep B vaccine:
Meningococcal meningitis vaccine:
HIB Vaccine:
HPV Vaccine:
This is cool! Humanity lives synergistically with pathogens (Bacteria and Viruses).
MTHFR & Autism:
Vaccines & Brain Damage:
Vaccines & Autism:
Calculation of the correlation coefficient:
Wakefield's retracted study:
Merck and the Mumps:
No Tylenol before or after vaccinations:
Vaccine contamination:
Vaccines while pregnant?
Fertility issues:
Medical Exemption - How to and more:
Autism doctors - detox heavy metals:
CDC vaccine patents:
Dr. William Thompson - CDC Whistleblower
Children's March for Humanity Guided Research Workbook:
Peer reviewed vaccine studies:
Doctors get paid to push vaccines and medications:
Vaccinated vs non-vaccinated:
Vaccine shedding:
For more shedding links:
More in-depth - Genetic Predispositions and the new medical textbook "Vaccines and Autoimmunity" (2015) by Renowned immunologist Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld MD
Vaccines are inherently Immune suppressive:
Aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines:
This is Dr Deishers testimony to Minnesota legislators.
Dr Theresa Deisher - Stanford PHD , 23 patents , first to discover adult cardiac stem cells WANTS PARENTS & DOCTORS to KNOW.
The aborted fetal cell vaccines are contaminated with the retrovirus HERV-K and the retrovirus has a known association with CANCER.
Be sure to read page 6 at the top and then
pages 11 & 12 for a SHOCKER!
But what about polio?
CDC admitted the cancer causing SV40 was in the polio vaccine then tried to erase this:
Vaccines and allergies:
Scoliosis, the MTHFR variant, and vaccines:
DOCTORS Who Explain Clearly Why Vaccines Aren't Safe Or Effective
More resources:
Healing and immune boosting:
Without prejudice or disadvantage:
Kimberly Young-Kauffman’s files:
Unknown Author:
Author: Jeff Prager
A History of the Global Vaccination Program
1000 Peer Reviewed Studies