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Dr Suzanne Humphries
Her lecture series on vaccines and health worth their weight in gold.
🔔NEONATAL IMMUNITY - The First Three Years by Dr Humphries
Vermont 2014 (Series of 6 lectures)
Part 1: The First Three Years…
Part 2: The First Three Years…
Part 3: The First Three Years…
Part 4: The First Three Years…
Part 5: The First Three Years…
Part 6: The First Three Years…
🔔INFANT IMMUNITY - by Dr Suzanne Humphries and Hilary Butler
Published on 23 Mar 2015
Introduction: The case of Luke…
(This is the intro case for the infant immunity series. Dr Humphries, Internist, Nephrologist, and vaccine educator, reviews common problems in the pediatric office. Vaccines and over use of antibiotics are destroying the microbiome and health of many children. The arrogance of ignroance leaves doctors refusing to hear the cry of parents who watch their children disintegrate. Many children recover once parents take matters into their own hands and restore their children's health, after seeking practitioners who will listen and treat appropriately.)
(The ‘three year pregnancy', the importance of epigenetics, nutrition, the microbiome and the trouble with vaccines and antibiotics.)
Part 2: Aluminum, vaccines, and fetal brain development…
(She discusses why Paul Offit's claim that aluminum is normal in pregnancy is absurd. Dr Humphries supports her opinion with well accepted scientific medical literature.)
Part 3: Birth, placenta, breast milk with Hilary Butler…
(Delivery, the mindset of the mother, the medical system's influence and the known miraculous properties of human milk and stem cells.)
Part 4: Infant vaccination…
(Microbes, antibiotics and what vaccines can do to the immune system in a baby, backed by scientific literature)
🔔VACCINES and HEALTH Series by Dr Humphries
Part 1: Vaccines and health
- TETANUS: Dr Humphries speaks on the disease, how it works, how to deal with it and the history of tetanus. Part one also contains information on measles and what vaccines are made of.
Part 2: Vaccines and health
- Autoimmunity and how vaccines affects the natural immune system.
- The effect of injecting aluminium into babies.
- Proper wound care to prevent tetanus
- Vitamin C
- Infant immunity
- Vaccines and autism
Part 3: Vaccines and health
- aluminium as adjuvant in vaccines
- polio vaccines
- research funding and vaccine industry
Part 4: Vaccines and health - Questions and Answers
- Vaccination after chemo therapy
- Cervical cancer vaccine (appr. 10 minutes speech)
- Can you sue the vaccine companies in the US?
- Can the industry predict how viruses mutate?
- Would you take your child to a "measles-party"?
- Whooping cough
- The importance of breastfeeding and development of the immune system in infants.
🔔ALUMINIUM IS TOXIC TO ALL LIFE FORMS: The case against aluminum in vaccines - by Dr S. Humphries
HERD IMMUNITY - by Dr S. Humphries
🔔Herd Immunity - lecture in New Zealand
Interesting new insights due to slightly differing aspects prevalent in NZ
🔔GARDASIL (HPV vaccine) inserts - by Dr S. Humphries
Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Polly Tommey go through and explore how the safety and efficacy research was done and what the results were.
🔔VACCINE RE-EDUCATION - lectures in Iceland - by Dr S. Humphries
Part 1
Part 2
🔔Interviews on Klagemauer TV with Dr S. Humphries
Vaccination Re-education - November 2015 - University of Iceland
🔔Interview with Dr. med. Suzanne Humphries - Klagemauer TV
🔔POLIO by Dr S. Humphries
This theme is also covered extensively in her book “Dissolving Illusions”
Recorded Sep 25 2014 in Sweden hosted by "National Health Federation Sweden"
(Lectures in Iceland)
Part 1:
Part 2:
🔔Response to “Isabella B’s” – “Why Dr Suzanne Humphries, an anti-vaccine activist, is lying to you about measles” by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk…/why-dr-suzanne-humphries-an-anti-va…/

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