Dr Baig, MD: Eczema helpful in treating cancers & TB

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Eczema is a mysterious condition, some believe it as reaction to an irritant, some think it as allergic manifestation. Some believe it had a link with TB, some say it as malignant when it turns from weeping and oozing form into scaly like lesions like psoriasis. Some says it is because of the extravasation of fluid into body tissues or cavities.
However, if I say eczema can be helpful in treating cancers or TB, i.e. Tuberculosis which has some meaning though I know that this will be rejected in the first place. In the same way the father of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann had tried to explain this logically, when he says this somewhere in his book, the gospel of medicine, aude sapore, meaning; The art of healing i.e. the Organon of Medicine. To which the main fraternity of medicine of the allopaths have rejected his theory of suppression and till today most of us are doing the same, to suppression we think as cure. Eczema is being considered as some disease, though it is an eliminating factor where the defence forces of the body eliminate their non-self from within the body, is it a fact? Today the findings of modern medical science says that eczema forms the type two immune reaction against TB. Therefore some may believe this some may not. Since with orthodox allopathic medicine we can do so called treat this by suppressing the discharges by our antipathic way which is not allopathic.
However, with tribute to our great master of medicine the Dr. Hahnemann in his birthday I am sharing one such case as an evidence that his theory of suppression is right. Eczema is not a disease it's a defence mechanism of our immune system, suppressed form of this may cause asthma, TB and even cancers or many kind of other mysterious diseases. So say good bye to our stupid medicines which are known to treat eczema or dermatitis.
Here is the case, a tribute to my master Hahnemann on his birthday, the 10th April. This child was 2 year old that time, now 4 years. He was intelligent and loquacious his name is Mohd. Ovez, was brought to Mafkhar Clinic, Mumbai on 10.08.2012; (Ref No. 6762), with huge hepato spleeno megaly along with hydrocele. He at the Wadia Children Hospital was diagnosed as mysterious liver disease and was declared as incurable. His mother had TB and was treated when he was inside her womb. He had received BCG at the time of birth but was not having any scar or mark of the vaccine. We treated the boy with homeopathy for around two years. See the results, where allopathy had failed homeopathy had cured him completely. During the treatment he brought eczematous lesions, first on the scalp and then on his right leg. The homeopathic remedy which had cured him was the TB germs itself. Means in this case, though I have many the TB germs were his saviour. Will someone believe this? I will give many such examples.
My conclusion is TB germs are the saviour, killing them will cause disease. It is because a dead bacilli of TB releases various molecules and which can even tamper genes may be causing resistant TB and even cancer. It is because, eczema helps in eliminating out the molecules and the other morbid substance of TB and like TB, the Tuberculosis.