Don't be afraid of viruses.

Don't be afraid of viruses.
Life evolved 450 million years ago due to a virus. It continues to evolve because of viruses. We live in a sea of viruses that contribute to our health. We get viral infections that result in better health as they assist us with detoxification. I am going through small pox literature and the comments of physicians stating that all forms of small pox were not dangerous and that they observed people improving in general health after they recovered is interesting. The then prevalent treatment of small pox has been criticized as a factor leading to high mortality rates. Chicken pox helps body get rid of oxalates. The flu too is a detoxification exercise. Today the measles, chicken pox, and polio viruses are being employed to cure cancer. Animal and plant studies have shown how viruses are essential for health. We have co-evolved with plants and animals since ages gaining from them due to viral interactions. Remember, it is only when plants and animals are stressed that certain viral loads we fear increase in them and they excrete it. Today due to deforestation and industrial meat/ dairy raising certain viruses are raising their head but overwhelming evidence is that they are localized and will not lead to epidemics unless they are engineered. The way out is to understand our role in nature and act in a manner that all beings coexist peacefully and in service of each other. It is also important to heed warnings of homeopaths and naturopaths, and even many mainstream doctors, that mismanagement of fever and dehydration in viral fevers is leading to encephalitis. We should have better management of cases.

 "When we get chicken pox as a child, it is mother nature doing an initial oxalate purge. The more oxalate in the body the more pustules you will see. Now the chicken pox virus goes and lays on the base of the skull as shingles. This virus is there to save you later on in life. When the body can no longer excrete oxalate from the kidneys and under times of stress when the body is dumping b6 and zinc it will make endogenous oxalate.

Well, if you cannot excrete from the kidneys, the shingles virus will come out of dormancy and remove oxalate via a nerve path on the skin.

Those blisters like chicken pox pustules are oxalate content coming out of your body.

If your body is unable to remove oxalate, you will eventually die.

Oxalate and sulfate share a transporter called SLC26A1 and when the oxalate start hogging up the transporters, we stop sulfating so the shingles virus is trying to get you to be able to sulfate again by removing excess oxalate.

These are the amazing things mother nature can do for us. We need to learn how to respect viruses and stealth pathogens. Mother nature knows what she is doing and knows a hell of a lot more than a pHARMaceutical company." - Sterling Hill

Every other year, we are confronted with a new virus. While this year it is the Nipah virus, earlier years it was the Zika, Ebola, H1N1, swine flu…. The blame for the disease always placed on an insect or an animal. And then all efforts made to exterminate mosquitoes, monkeys, bats, without giving any thought to the disruption of the eco system that such practices can cause.
The present Nipah virus has made fruit bats our ardent enemy. We forget the many ecological functions that these bats perform. That they carry away fruit to eat on a distant perch – making them important agents in seed dispersal and afforestation. That they are involved in the pollination of many night flowering trees and shrubs as they hunt for nectar. That so many plant species depend on them for the distribution of their seeds…..Insect-eating bats, control many night-flying insects, especially mosquitoes.
It is estimated that wiping out one large colony of bats, could affect forest regeneration over hundreds or even thousands of square kilometres.
Is it not strange that these carriers of disease, while they are accused of harbouring “deadly viruses” and spreading disease do not have the disease? Why do not these viruses produce disease?
Do viruses actually exist as described in the germ theory or are they only a cog in the wheel of the metabolic process and needed for balance?
In what way does any study claim the cause of a disease to be a particular virus? Is science even capable of isolating a virus and causing an infection?
And why is there need to know which virus, or give names to viruses or know more about strains. This only gives scope to manufacture newer drugs and vaccines. So each strain and each virus and each germ has a vaccine or a preventive medication. The truth is, no drug, no vaccine, no medicine provides long-term health.
Whatever the part of viruses in the production of disease, they alone cannot produce disease. That is, we only become acutely ill when the need arises.
So for the validity of the presence of viruses and the role they play, one should know that this does not happen in isolation-- the body performs a healing crisis when it needs to regain its balance and will continue to do so till required—unless of course, we interfere in the process.
“It is not yet definitely proven that germs are essential elements in the production of any disease. It seems probable that they are only incidental and perhaps beneficial factors. However, this much is certain; whatever part they perform in the production of disease, germs alone can no more produce disease than a seed alone can produce a tree. Just as a seed must have fertile soil, moisture, warmth, air and sunlight, if it is to grow into a tree, so the germ, if it is to produce disease, must find certain essential conditions existing in the bodies of those it enters before it can do the slightest harm. If the body is normal, if it has an abundance of nerve force, if its blood stream is pure, if there is prompt and vigorous action of all its essential organs, no germs coming in contact with it can grow and multiply. Good health is proof against germs of all kinds.” – Herbert Shelton.
Disease is multi-factorial and instead of hunting down germs, viruses, insects and other animals, and inject ourselves with vaccines or consume “preventive medicine” for a forthcoming or existing disease, of consequence is to look within, and try embrace the elements of nature that provide health.


Profound Implications of the Virome for Human Health and Autoimmunity

Revolutionary research illuminates that a new frontier of personalized medicine lies in the virome. Rather than harbingers of disease, viruses are intrinsic to immune modulation and to disease susceptibility.