Depopulation - Post Bilderberg Italy Meet.

Only two options remain
Over the weekend, the elites have met in a series of high level fora – the Bilderberg group, the G7, NATO, China and Russia summit – to decide on the world’s fate.
For the first time they have stated that one of the topics on their agenda is “the post-truth world”, in other words the world after knowledge of the depop program becomes universal. This implies that they will either open the information floodgates and provide full disclosure from official sources or that they will allow the mainstream media to publish articles on depop and thus disclosure will happen in a bit by bit fashion.
Either way the indifferent and ignorant masses will have to confront the true reality and abandon the illusion of the matrix that they have invested their lives in.
Once that takes place two scenarios become possible and which of the two becomes the order of the day very much depends on how the masses react to the reality and to the loss of their illusions.
The first scenario is that of an organized and legalistic approach whereby all nations agree to implement a Population Stabilization Law with three components: replacement level fertility, assisted suicide and optimal population levels, which will require the formation of a global authority with the mandate to enforce such a law worldwide, an authority that I have tentatively named a Planetary Wellbeing Authority. This we may coin The Fair Solution and it is what I fight for.
And the second scenario is that of a coldblooded and extrajudicial approach whereby the elites unleash a series of deadly viruses upon the world, or radiological warfare, until the global population reaches sustainability and prosperity becomes possible for all those who are still standing at the end of a decade of desperate mass murder. This we may coin The Final Solution.
In the first instance, that of The Fair Solution, we are looking at a century of misery time during which at least a quarter of our financial resources and twice as many government workers will be necessary to catch and forcibly sterilize dissenters, to coax the old to choose assisted suicide at 75 years of age or sooner, and to reward those who agree to limit themselves to one child only because their genes are poor or they are of little use to society. Throughout this period we will all have to do with much less and the standard of living will decrease drastically across the planet for the next half century but everyone will have just enough to squeeze by. The danger of this approach is that we will not reestablish balance between people and resources and between mankind and nature fast enough to prevent war and environmental collapse.
In the second instance, that of The Final Solution, we are looking at a decade of death and disease the likes of which the world has never seen and will never see again. The challenge of this approach will be to bury the dead fast enough and to immunize critical personnel and enough people across all segments of society in advance of the man-made pandemics to ensure all services continue to function but at a continuously reduced scale so that our civilization’s potential is not reduced along with our civilization’s size. The danger of this approach is that the man-made pandemics will kill more people than intended and our civilization will collapse due to lack of human resources and skill sets. The alternate danger of this approach is that the man-made pandemics will not kill enough people fast enough and that desperation and anger will drive people to destroy everything and everyone in their path unleashing a self-destructive streak in every human being that cannot be controlled and that will lead to our complete self-annihilation.
Because people are so incomprehensibly indifferent and human nature is so utterly disgusting, I am afraid the second scenario will prevail.
I am hoping, however, that our leaders are far better human beings than the common folks and that they will force us all to work together and to choose the lesser evil for the greater good.
In any case my hope is no longer vested in the common folks but in the elites.

Kevin Mugur Galalae