Book: Vaccination Panic in Australia

"In 2009 in Australia, a citizens’ campaign was launched to
silence public criticism of vaccination. This campaign involved
an extraordinary variety of techniques to denigrate, harass
and censor public vaccine critics. It was unlike anything seen
in other scientific controversies, involving everything from
alleging beliefs in conspiracy theories to rewriting Wikipedia

Vaccination Panic in Australia analyses this campaign from
the point of view of free speech. Brian Martin describes
the techniques used in the attack, assesses different ways of
defending and offers wider perspectives for understanding the
struggle. The book will be of interest to readers interested in
the vaccination debate and in struggles over free speech and
citizen participation in decision-making.

Brian Martin is an emeritus professor at the University of
Wollongong, Australia, and vice president of Whistleblowers
Australia. He is the author of 17 books and hundreds of articles
on dissent, scientific controversies, nonviolence, democracy,
education and other topics. "