Arjuna's Redemption

Arjuna's name is taken with a lot of respect. He was the skillful and adept warrior that the Lord chose for re-establishing Dharma. But go deep and you will observe that Arjuna was a part of the system. He was a brother of the Kaurava's and the disciple of a Guru who preferred to side with the enemy. But Arjuna was neglected within that system because he was the son of Pandu. He was trying to adjust till the Lord came along and the misery of the Pandava's knew no bounds. That misery was the grace of the Lord that made them experience the adharma of the day. It helped them align on the side of Dharma. Arjuna had to go against his own relatives and the elders among whom was his Guru. Though Dharma was established at the end the Pandava's were a shattered lot. Arjuna too suffered the death of his beloved son. None of them never really recovered from the trauma that was the DharmaYuddha at Kurukshetra. They chose conscious abandonment of this plane of existence which was the only way for them to overcome their pain. The Kurukshetra is much broader today enveloping the whole world. The stage is set for MahaViswa. There are many who have developed in them the qualities of the Kaurava's. Who are the Arjuna's of today?