A Strong Vitality is the Key to Health

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Disease is imposed. The body always tries to heal. In fact the entire Universe is geared towards preservation of life. In its wholeness it is a highly benevolent entity. Ordinarily disease is a disturbance that arises when that benevolence is threatened in any manner. This is why the pioneer Ayurveds always harped on developing the qualities of positivism, love and compassion. They had rules and regulations according to the physical and mental makeup of the person, and according to how that structure is affected by the seasons; the environment.

Cure has a direction. It moves from within outward. The common diseases of childhood often reflect this. The vitality is at its strongest in infancy. This vitality deals with the inherited disease load that it seeks to correct. We see inflammation, fevers and eruptions. All the three are actually part of the process whereby the inherent disease load is thrown out. The body also adapts to the environment that is seen in the form of the developing microbiome; burping vomiting and passing loose stools. All that is needed is nutritional and environmental support. The mother’s milk and touch, a soothing atmosphere and patience. A strong response does not indicate the ferocity of disease, but a strong vitality.

What is this vitality? It is the life force. You may call it energy. It is the distinguishing feature of life. It enters the body in the form of a spark that has been noticed when the sperm attaches itself to the ovum. Conscious life it is said comes in later when the embryo is a bit developed. Then it starts moving. The vitality is preserved by positivism and dissipated by negativity.

This is why in India we had certain practices. The first was Brahmacharya. It was essentially the conservation of positive energy. The best of energy goes towards procreation as life always prefers a flowering of good intentions. Traditionally positivism was reflected in an aspiration towards the Divine. Lifestyle was oriented in a manner that good qualities were cultivated.

Ayurveda stratified the mind into Tamasic (dull), Rajasic (active), and Sattvic (pure). Tamasic qualities were tackled through food and thinking habits. Rajasic qualities were encouraged keeping an eye on Sattva or purity. Too much of anything was decried and conservation of energy directed towards purity in thought and actions was the goal. Internal purity was matched with external hygiene and cleanliness.

Both men and women received education which was a balance between logic, philosophy, history, social behaviour and craft. Marriage was a solemn occasion and a cause for festivity and celebration. After pregnancy often the bride stayed with her parents where she received love and care. She was encouraged to study the scriptures and also read it out for the womb. Today research into past life regression shows how the soul is extremely aware when it is in the womb. The consciousness is spread out and it experiences the environment. Seeding it with good intentions in this stage provides a solid foundation for life.

Many of us are drawn to certain natural sounds and smells. If properly investigated it could be revealed that they are sensations we have experienced while in the womb. This is not a figment of imagination but revealed by subjects under hypnosis. Thus education during the womb and maintaining an alkaline environment for the fetus are very important.

The world today is waking up to the immense benefits associated with a drug free pregnancy, natural childbirth, and breastfeeding. It is a source of great joy to see young women going all out to ensure the best for their child. They need to wake up to trusting nature the rest of the way and the immense benefits that common childhood ailments have to offer. Nature abhors disease; it always strives towards optimum health if left to itself.

They need to trust the ayurveds and homeopaths. These forms of medicine recognize the roles of internal processes and know how to assist them. They are based on the vital force theory of disease that modern medicine is slowly waking up to as they study the amazing power of mitochondrial energy and its role in maintaining the efficiency and health of various organs. Sadly they thoroughly disturb this very force when they vaccinate children.

Young parents also need to learn that internal health is more important than external appearances. They often get frightened when the vital force throws the disease on the surface in the form of eruptions. These eruptions are but toxins that only the strongest organ of the body, the skin, can handle. When the body throws them out the load on internal organs is eased. Today while dealing with cancers, the modern doctors are waking up to the immense healing powers of fever and eruptions.

A drug free infancy and childhood has benefits at several levels. It ensures strong vitality and also encourages a mindset that will also preserve that strength. The parents only need to properly educate their children; often by being examples themselves because children shape their future based upon what they observe in their parents.

Maybe this is how we can shape a society that veers away from violence, hatred and crimes. Maybe this is how we can implant love, compassion, and a strong sense of justice. Maybe this is how we can fulfil the aspirations of the Universe.

With love to all. Namaste.