A baby with eczema is immune compromised.

Does your little one have Eczema? A baby with eczema is immune compromised. They are therefore vaccine vulnerable. Many pediatricians don't accept this truth, but that doesn't make it any less true. Parents, we just have to be so judicious. Please read...
In 1958 the AAP published an article in the American Journal of Pediatrics describing Eczema vaccinatum, a rare but potentioally life threatening reaction to the Smallpox vaccine. It looked at cases of Eczema vaccinatum, including 2 fatalities and cases of horizontal transmission (shedding).
The abstract in part states:
Eczema vaccinatum is frequently iatrogenic (illness caused by medical proceedure/treatment) and uniformly preventable.
The following steps are recommended for prophylaxis/prevention:
• No child with atopic eczema or other skin disorder should be vaccinated.
• No child should be vaccinated if any member of his family has eczema or other skin disorder.
• If a sibling of a child with atopic eczema is vaccinated, he must be completely separated from that child for at least 21 days.
• Forms used by state and local health departments for parents' consent to vaccination should include an appropriate warning of the contraindications.
Source: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/22/2/259
How many children today have atopic eczema/dermatitis?
Eczema is not normal. Common, yes, but NOT normal. It is a big 'ol red flag alerting you to be cautious. Alerting you not to add insult to injury. Your child is compromised and his body is illustrating that outwardly for you to see and heed.
The body eliminates toxins through 4 channels: bowels, bladder, lungs and skin. If any one of these elimination channels are weak or overwhelmed (like the gut due to antibiotic use or GMO and other food-like items) the toxins are reabsorbed into the body and need to find a way out.
Skin rashes, hives, eczema and psoriasis are increasingly common in babies and children. Eczema is a result of toxins/waste (irritating substances that cause inflammation, itching and redness) passing out of the skin that were never meant for the skin.
A baby with eczema is immune compromised. They are therefore vaccine vulnerable. They need to be detoxified and healed NOT further assaulted with a cocktail of toxic ingredients including high doses of aluminum that have never been tested for safety or synergistic effect.
ETA: diet and other environmental factors contribute. It isn't just vaccines, but I'll claim that injecting known toxins in 21+ doses by 6 months is the largest contributing factor.