500 year old prophecy on today's doctors.

Achyutananda prophecy on current doctors.
The 500 year old prophecies of Achyutananda who was an ardent devotee of Lord Jagannath and a favourite friend of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu are much feared in Odisha because they are being fulfilled with each passing day. He has predicted killing epidemics that would decimate populations.
"The death toll would be so high people would tire from cremating the bodies which would rot in homes and be eaten by dogs and other predators. The shoulders of those who carry the corpses would become sore."
"The medicines used to treat those affected," he predicts, "would further aggravate the epidemics."
For the current form of treatment and doctors he has some important words;
"Roga na chihnibe, nidana na janibe, vaidya bolaibe."
"There will emerge a group of people who will not be able to recognize the true nature of disease, who will not know anything about cures and yet they will be called doctors."
What an apt description!