What Patients Want.

What Patients Want.
In the entire health debate it is the medical industry, its institutions and representatives, its lobbyists, its political affiliates, and certain hired consultants that dominate. The views of the patient matters little. It is cited that they lack the required medical knowledge and expertise to decide for themselves. They are supposed to offer their bodies and minds to the whims and fancies of the medical industry much like a prostitute offering her/ his body to a client. Even worse, because the prostitute does it with consent. The patient is raped.
Now things are changing. Those raped and abandoned by the medical profession are speaking up. They are pointing out the massive harm inflicted by a profession that understands precious little about health. It keeps itself busy addressing the varied diseases and disabilities it itself causes with ill directed mass interventions. In the process it causes more distress, destroys whatever chances of recovery that may still remain, kills those who cannot recover from their solutions, and fleeces them to the point of bankruptcy. This truth has now become apparent.
The medical profession realizes this. It buries its head in the quicksand of misdirected research hoping that the elephant in the room would pack up and leave. The doctors form associations aided by the corporate industry and discuss only among themselves, keeping themselves busy with imaginary achievements and reassuring themselves that things are hunky dory by congratulating each other.
What do patients want? They want to desperately escape the vicious circle of promises and more promises, heinous adverse effects, lifetime of misery and medication, salaries and income decimated by recurring medical costs, the tremendous burden of hospitalizations, and the pain of losing loved ones to human induced insanity. Individuals, society, and the very fabric of life is reeling under the impact. The patients do not want to hear about promises and self declared achievements. They want results. They want their health back. They want cures. They want permanent solutions. All this without costing the earth. And within a time period that is reasonable.
The system had better wake from its slumber, sit up and notice, and start working towards that end. Or else it may see itself decimated. The choice is theirs. No amount of lobbying, framing dictatorial rules and regulations, propping up false research, and window dressing is going to help.