Spiritual Healing is Possible.

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I don't oppose science in any way. Though I am not trained in scientific methods I have an inquiring mind I am not willing to trade with faith as yet. What I oppose is rejecting traditional wisdom even as we are inquiring into it. I think this approach has caused a lot of damage. If we see the history of medicine we see an exodus where practitioners of the day saw wisdom in holistic approaches and embraced them. Prior to Rockefeller & Co entering the scene there was an integrated approach that was developing quite well. Doctors employed in hospitals observed remarkable results in holistic wings and therefore were drawn towards them in hordes. Homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture, chiropractic methods, naturopathy were on the upswing. Organized medicine had to outlaw them to establish itself. It did not compete.

The body has an innate intelligence that needs to be acknowledged. It runs on energy (mitochondrial) and is affected by toxins. These toxins can be external and internal. The internal toxins can be due to normal functioning that are generally expelled. However toxins that are due to mental and emotional errors are difficult to expel. These are expelled via the skin. When this mode of expulsion is denied or obstructed, both the mind and body are affected. 

Hahnemann termed this Psora. Psora can proceed to wrong actions and lead to sycosis (suppressed gonorrhea) and syphilis (suppressed syphilis). All these states are hereditary and are disease states which the body cannot shrug off without help. However the life force, if aided, can reverse these states. 

Ayurveda warned people about natural laws and the need to abide by them. It also recognised the life force, which it termed Prana Shakti. It says healing comes from Akasha or space. Now this is where spiritual healing comes in. Intense prayer and longing to be healed are recognized methods of healing and such cases - called spontaneous remission- have been documented. Pranayam is a method of harnessing an external force - oxygen aided breath - and combining it with the inner force to both induce healing and strengthen the life force. Prayer and meditation have proven healing properties. Here we are tapping into something. What is it?

We have a team of psychiatrists who acknowledge that past life regression helps in overcoming mental ailments and deep rooted fears and phobias. These cases too are well documented. MDs have risked ridicule in documenting and publishing these and also near death experiences. These indicate a greater consciousness that survives the physical. These cases of past life regression and NDEs all talk a higher consciousness. The accounts are similar.

These made me re-examine what I have read in the words of Saints. My own life has been extremely traumatic and I have been forced to consider an exit. The Buddhists meditate on death as a practice. For me it is a necessity. I have had experiences that can be considered similar to what the psychiatrists have noted while studying PLR and NDE. There is something beyond that is difficult to negate. It is intelligent.

Vedanta points towards an intelligence that is all pervading. That intelligence divides itself at various levels. But these entities are all interconnected and owe their origin to the substratum intelligence.

From here on it is a leap of faith because instruments cannot guide us, or our own intelligence. We have to depend upon spiritual giants who have travelled the path. Here too we witness grand similarities. All of them essentially speak or point towards the same truth - All that exists is an all knowing intelligence bliss. It is up to us to take that leap of faith. Are we willing?