Rape & Modern Medicine?

Rape is ripping apart the soul of the victim. It is a violation that is much beyond violence. It should not happen. Preventing rape requires an all out effort that is beyond the judiciary. Many angles are left out while debating on the subject. I can point out the medical angle with my knowledge about holistic systems like homeopathy and ayurveda. Disease has many aspects. It begins in the mind and if not tackled wisely it loops and further corrupts it. Modern medicine has tremendously compounded the problem with symptom destroying treatment and also by injecting dreaded mind altering substances like neurotoxins and heavy metals into the body. Many wise doctors are today hinting at this in social media but they are not opening up fearing criticism and humiliation. A healthy mind will never violate another. It is important to understand the internal processes that are wonderfully spelt out in ayurvedic texts where the effects of selfishness, anger, greed, ambition, personal aggrandizement and the like are explained and methods detailed out how one can escape the loop. Mental hygiene is a very important part of health. Hahnemann has gone to a great length in describing his miasmatic theory and explained its impact on the psyche. The modern world has ignored sane voices in the mad rush for profits. It is up to the civil society to stop politicizing every violation and earnestly seek answers. Else we will disintegrate as a society and play into the hands of elements that have painstakingly and carefully crafted our fall.