Eat Your Money

Eat your money.
Very soon there will be no other choice. Real food is all set to disappear. Agriculture is fast becoming an impossible prospect. Crops need inputs that are now terribly uncertain. Soils have degraded and today's fertilizers exacerbate the problem. Microplastics have invaded the soil nullifying attempts of even organic practitioners. Water levels have receded and rivers are drying up making irrigation difficult. Monsoons with erratic rainfall now destroy crops more than they help. Rising temperatures are affecting germination and disturbing natural growth. They also increase pest attacks. With slowing ocean currents the incidences of extreme weather will vastly increase affecting agriculture round the globe. Hybrid seeds do not have the inherent strength to match these challenges. Rising input costs and uncertain returns are making farmers abandon their profession. The younger generation are no longer interested. With development pressure land under agriculture is shrinking. We will now see government's handing over agriculture to corporate sharks who will jump in with GMOs and herbicides. They will cut off all chances of recovery besides poisoning the planet. We are looking at the prospect of mass famines nary a chance of recovery. Artificial food that has invaded the market cannot meet the demands of your body and devastate health. Eat your money. You have earned it.