a..Smallpox would have disappeared around 1870 if Jenner's cronies
had not persuaded Parliament to force the smallpox vaccine onto children in
1867, causing the largest epidemic of smallpox ever with a peak of 42,000
deaths in 1872.
b.. To test the effeciveness of natural immunity versus vaccination,
the nonvaccinated Kingston Clinic staff challenged six vaccinated doctors to
join them, in 1936, in a smallpox isolation unit. The doctors had the very
good sense not to accept the offer.
c.. The degree of AIDS incidence in Brazil, Haiti, Burundi, Ruanda,
Tanzania, Zaire Zambia, Uganda and Malawi coincides with the degree of
smallpox vaccination intensity.

a.. American health authorities are considering a complete change of
policy in the face of strong evidence that all cases of polio are caused by
the polio vaccine.
b.. Bernard Reis, English professor at Cornell University and an
"energetic, athletic achiever" was paralysed by polio a month after his baby
was, by law, polio-vaccinated.
c.. One point one million dollars damages were awarded to Kay
McNeary after she was crippled by polio alter changing her baby's nappy.
d.. Millions of children, in the fifties and sixties, were given the
Salk vaccine contaminated with the cancer causing virus SV40.
e.. Dr F Klinner stated, "Many here voice a silent view that the
Salk and Sabin vaccines, being made of monkey tissues, have been directly
responsible for the major increase of leukaemia in this country."
f.. The Lancet reported an outbreak of paralytic polio in Oman in
fully vaccinated children. The vaccine lobby said what was needed was an
increase of the vaccine dose at birth, 6,10 and 14 weeks, and at times of
other vaccines being given.

a.. The World's largest vaccine trial, in Southern India, of the BCG
vaccine, resulted in more TB in the vaccinated group than in the control

a.. The whooping cough vaccine is made from the mucus of infected
children, mixed with formaldehyde, aluminium and mercury.
b.. In a recent study of 540 Dutch babies, 512 had adverse reactions
to the DPT vaccines.
c.. Thirty thousand cases of diphtheria have occured in recent
years, in the UK, amongst diphtheria vaccinated children.
d.. A University of California study showed that 1,000 SIDS (cot
deaths) per year are caused by the DPT shots.
e.. Dr Robert Mendelsohn, paediatrician, said, "...nearly 10,000
SIDS each year" (in the USA) "are related to the vaccines routinely given to
f.. In 1986 Dr Michael Weiner PhD. stated, "More die each year from
SIDS than the total number of all AIDS cases since 1981, yet little research
money has been allocated to study the possibility of a relationship between
these deaths and the DPT vaccine."

a.. Over a period of four years, in the UK, 66% of all measles cases
were in vaccinated children.
b.. In a 1986 measles outbreak in Corpus Christi, Taxas, 99% of the
children had been vaccinated.
c.. 26% of children rubella-vaccinated developed arthralgia or
arthritis. (US Science magazine.)
d.. Trials on the rubella vaccine, in the USA and Australia, show a
failure rate of between 80 and 93%.
e.. Dr Glen Dettman found that one third of rheumatoid arthritis
sufferers had live rubella viruses in their joints.
f.. The Lancet reported that West German authorities had listed 27
neurological reactions to the mumps vaccine, including meningitis, febrile
convulsions and epilepsy.
g.. There are 30,000 new cases of epilepsy; 10,000 of which are
children, in the UK alone, each year.

Hepatitis B
a.. The hepatitis B vaccine is made from the blood of human beings
infected with hepatitis B; ie someone at high risk of developing AIDS.
b.. A Lancet study of 1991 showed a 20% hepatitis infection rate in
358 hepatitis-vaccinated Gambian children.

a.. A Minnesota study showed that the American Hib "polysaccharide"
vaccine increased the risk of Hib-induced meningitis five-fold.
b.. The Lancet, August 1991, reported 9 cases of Hib-induced
meningitis in vaccinated children.
c.. A study on the least useless Hib vaccine - the PRP-OMPC - in Los
Angeles found a lowering of antibody response as vaccine dosage increased.

a.. The Post Office dropped influenza vaccine promotion after it
failed to show any reduction in absenteeism.
b.. The "Influenza Monitoring and Information Bureau" is funded by
the influenza vaccine manufacturers.
c.. Six hundred elderly, influenza-vaccinated Birmingham people
showed over double the respiratory disease than a similar non- vaccinated
d.. Dr Robert Mendelsohn stated that any influenza vaccine could
cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome and paralysis.
e.. Influenza vaccines are made from material taken from 'flu
victims; material then processed with mashed chick embryos, taken from
disease-ridden intensive battery sheds.
f.. In November 1991, a Chesterfield man died within hours of being
injected with the vaccine.

a.. The typhoid vaccine is made from the excrement of
typhoid-infected people.

a.. The World Health Organisation has finally admitted, after
countless cholera jabs, that the vaccine is useless, and has advised that,
"It is not worth having."

In General
a.. Known and suspected effects of vaccines include, asthma, eczema,
increased allergies, encephalitis, cancer, leukaemia, cot death, meningitis,
lower motor neuron disease, juvenile diabetes, violent behaviour, and so on.
b.. American medical historian, Harris Coulter, writing in
'Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality' states, "A large proportion
of the millions of US children suffering from autism, seizures, mental
retardation, hyperactivity, dsylexia and other shoots and branches of the
hydra-headed entity called "developmental disabilities", owe their disorders
to one or another of the vaccines against childhood diseases."
c.. According to Dr R de Long, "Since 1981 we have been immunising
the human population with attenuated (live) viral vaccines en mass. Such
unparalleled use. . . may be the reason for the appearance of new diseases."
d.. We now have 20,000 new diseases, and rising.
e.. Vaccine makers, acting through corrupt bureaucrats, politicians
and mass media agents, have always been able to pass off their wares after
fraudulent animal testing; the human being is the real guinea-pig.
f.. Dr J A Morris, leading US infectious disease expert declared,
"We only hear about the encephalitis and the deaths, but there is an entire
spectrum between fever and death, and it's all those things in between that
never get reported." -
g.. Dr R Mendelsohn said, "There now exists a growing theoretical
concern which links immunisation to the huge increase, in recent decades, of
auto-immune diseases, eg rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lymphoma
and leukaemia."
h.. According to Dr Duperrat, "...vaccination causes, furthermore,
an explosion of leukaemia."
i.. A report in the Revue de Pathologie et de Physiologie Clinique,
stated, "The vaccine modifies the terrain of the vaccinated, driving it
towards alkaline and oxydised terrain; the terrain of cancer, the fact can
no longer be ignored."
j.. Dr R Moskowitz, writing in the Journal of the American Institute
of Homoeopaths stated that vaccination could arouse latent, cell- bound,
antibodyimmune viruses, leading, through stress or shock to "autonomous
multiplication of cells, ie. cancer."
k.. Professor R Simpson, of the American Cancer Society, said that
vaccines may cause rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus,
erythematosus, Parkinson's Disease, and cancer.
l.. All the available evidence shows that the decline of the
infectious diseases was due to social factors, hygiene, sanitation, housing,
nutrition, etc.
m.. Dr Moskowitz suggests that there are "fewer greater insults one
can offer the immune system of a young child than to introduce, directly
into his/her bloodstream, the foreign proteins or live viruses that compose
modern vaccines."
n.. And finally, if doctor, his receptionist, nurse and the "health
visitor" cannot bully, threaten and arm-twist 90% of mothers on doctor's
list into having their off-spring permanently damaged with vaccines, doctor
will not get his annual bonus - on top of everything else - of £1,737.