Why is healthcare unaffordable?

Costly Medicine! 
You don't have to be a socialist to bring down costs in medicine. You have to be an honest scientist. Kindly ask for an audit of all medical interventions for their long term impact. Audit the utility of medical gadgets as well as their health impacts. You will find that many medical interventions have negative health outcomes in the long run. You will find that most medical gadgets are either not needed, are being misutilized, or have negative health outcomes. If you study expensive combination medicines you will find that they have serious adverse health outcomes. These studies can be done by associations like the Cochrane Collaboration or by members of the IJME. The corporate set up is highly dishonest. A recent study points out many flaws, including that patients are overcharged by up to 1737%. Dr Arun Gadre raises serious charges in the book Dissenting Diagnosis where he interviews 78 doctors employed by corporate hospitals. He advises doctors to be honest at all levels and form cooperative like medical ventures which can receive funding from non medical philanthropic agencies and also government departments. I fully support the call for nationalization of corporate hospitals and private medical colleges for the above reasons and demand rational Medicare. You cannot expect any person to spend 4 to 5 crores on education and remain honest. That is impossible. Even the content of medical syllabus needs to be audited in the context of recent findings of conflict of interest involving Harrison's. How much of medical education is sponsored likewise? I welcome the recent recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee that wants the medical syllabus to contain introductory aspects of AYUSH. A recent study has found doctors practicing integrative medicine prescribe much less antibiotics and steroids. Doctors can only gain by studying all systems. They also become patient friendly and gain trust of patients. This will improve doctor patient relationship besides bringing down medical costs.