Vaccination Harm.

Vaccination Harm.
It was in 1884 that the renowned MD Dr Compton Burnett remarked "We don't introduce health with vaccines. We introduce disease." The fundamental problem with vaccines is that they cannot prevent any disease. This is because prevention depends upon the cellular function of detoxification after exposure that establishes vital cellular immunity. Vaccines have never been able to do this. They can only create humoral or blood related antibodies. Antibodies only indicate that the body has been exposed, that's all. They have no role in immunity. Rather humoral antibodies are known to create disease. Thus an imbalance is created between two arms of the immune system that is known as the Th1 Th2 imbalance that predisposes the body to chronic degenerative diseases including cancers later in life. This is an established scientific fact that no one can deny.
On top of this the presence of adjuvants like nano aluminium and squalene in vaccines provoke the immune system into autoimmune conditions. The presence of food ingredients like peanut oil, exposure to latex used in vaccine packaging, presence of human animal and avian serum, all of which combines with aluminium in vaccines to create the condition which was earlier known as serum sickness and now as allergies, not only makes life miserable but also creates life threatening conditions.
Mercury in vaccines is the most dreaded neurotoxin known to man and a genotoxin. It corrodes the nervous system and brain. It's potency to harm is multiplied several hundred times by the presence of aluminium and formaldehyde in vaccines. Moreover it is ethylmercury and not methyl mercury that is in vaccines. It is an industrial toxin that is 1000 times more toxic and passes more readily into the brain and stays there to cause progressive damage.
Vaccines cause the body and it's organs to go into an inflammatory mode. Thus it causes all the diseases whose names end in 'itis' and the list is very long! Vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue that contains both male and female DNA. This causes DNA contamination and could be behind the immense gender identity crisis that we witness in society today.
Vaccines contain known anti fertility agents and endocrine disruptors like Polysorbate 80 and 20, Triton X 100, animal and human hormones that mimic 'hcg' the dreaded anti fertility agent used in tetanus and diphtheria vaccines to actively induce sterility. Polysorbate 80 is an agent that is used to render the blood brain barrier ineffective and deliver drugs to the brain. Mercury and aluminium also have this ability to penetrate the blood brain and placenta barrier. They render these barriers porous and help the entire vaccine load penetrate the brain and fetus. The harm done is incalculable.
Vaccines contain known cancer causing substances like formaldehyde and monkey viruses among others. By manipulating common childhood illnesses that actually help the body detoxify and prevent chronic conditions like cancers later in life and by directly introducing disease causing substances vaccines are creating the explosion of cancers and other chronic disorder epidemics we observe in society today.
Viruses used in vaccines revert to their original virulence, proliferate and create havoc within the body by confusing the vital system of cell communication. The panic disorders we observe today may be due to this. Vaccine adverse effects have a genotoxic effect and have intergenerational effects crossing over to subsequent generations.
The above description only partially describes vaccination harm. With each passing day researchers are discovering more and more ways in which vaccines harm the physical mental and emotional make up of the unfortunate victims. Still want to vaccinate?