The Kundalini

The Kundalini.
It literally means 'coiled up power'. It is the powerhouse of the body. Yogis arouse this power which travels through a nerve channel called sushumna up the spine activating the Chakra's. When the Sahasrara or the apex Chakra that is situated on the top of the head is activated and opened the soul's connection to the material world is severed and one attains the ultimate release from the phenomenal world to merge with the Sat-Chid-Ananda.
Sounds alluring does it not? But this avenue is blocked in the Kali Yuga for a good reason. First the body mind complex must be prepared at several levels through a tremendous purification and strengthening process. Mind boggling powers are achieved that can be used only by a perfected sage. Once aroused the Kundalini plays havoc with the body mind complex like a mad elephant rampaging through a thatched house. A sadhak Gopi Krishna has recorded his experience in a book titled Kundalini.
Problems begin at several levels once the Kundalini is aroused. It stores all your past impressions from several lives whereby you began your journey of consciousness. You have to confront your past karma. Your memories shatter the illusion called life that you have so painstakingly built around you. You become brutally isolated from whatever is happening around you and the world may consider you stark raving mad. Your attachments are severed and the world turns away from you as it has no further use of you. Physically the pain is unbearable. When the Kundalini travels it opens up closed channels like the surgeons knife without anaesthesia. The body loses its balance and equilibrium. When the powers come the body may shatter under the impact and life may ebb out.
Why then undergo the process? Our world is not ruled by rulers at the physical plane alone. There are guardians at the astral level who handle tasks not possible in the limited material world. They are handpicked souls who achieve complete equinanimity and impartiality to carry out the Divine will. These souls we know as God's. Just as we have a democratic structure in the material world, there is a similar structure in the astral world. Whom we know as Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu is the Emperor of that world.
What hope is there for the commoner? Simple prayer, devotion, ego affacement through selfless action, and wisdom attained by studying and imitating the core scriptures can also arouse the Kundalini without its attendant dangers. Through several lives the soul attains perfection. It realizes that this phenomenal world is a dream of its own creation. It realizes that all that it seeks is truth- intelligence-eternal existence- infinite bliss. This is within oneself. The Kingdom of God is within you. Knock and it will be opened. The fortunate one escapes the cage, others are also fortunate because they become perfect instruments of the Divine will.
I humbly suggest you study Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Ramana Maharshi to know what is worthy to be known in this ephemeral world. Strive to attain the path shown by them and both you and the world will benefit.