Peer-reviewed scientific papers on vaccine dangers

Happy New Year 2018!
By Jzin Teng
I compiled many lists of peer-reviewed scientific papers on vaccine dangers. Here they are, in case my FB account gets deleted, I am sharing them now. Feel free to copy, paste, share, part or whole, or add relevant primary scientific citations. You do not need to ask my permission.
They are incomplete, I add to them as I come across citations. I suggest you do the same as well, and you may copy from my list and add your own evidence as you come across them.
Updated 1/1/2018
Are there risks with childhood vaccines? Peer-reviewed scientific papers.
Effects of long-term immunization with multiple antigens: January 1980 National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council study supported by U.S. Army Research and Development Command showed that long-term effects of receiving multiple vaccines at once include autoimmune disorders. 44 page report linked here:
Autism and Brain Inflammation papers.
Vaccines - Aborted Human Fetal Cell Lines used in Vaccine Manufacture, Religious Exemption
Drugs - Singulair and suicide in 4 year olds
From A Friend - points to consider before you vaccinate. See comments section.
Flu Shots - Read first before you get one.
HPV - global vaccine injury cases, videos, lawsuits.
Vaccines - Insertional Mutagenesis. Integration of fragmented human DNA vaccine manufacturing contaminants.
Measles Virus Destroys Tumors, Mayo Clinic.
Medical Marijuana - collection of short videos
Moratorium on Vaccines -1999. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons' (AAPS) call for moratorium on hepatitis B vaccine for schoolchildren citing potential deadly outcomes.
Vaccines - Moratorium. Dr. Mikovitz: We need to call a moratorium to all vaccines.
Vaccines - Multiple Sclerosis, Hepatitis B
Peer-reviewed scientific papers on
Vaccines and Neurological Damage.
Senator Bill Posey sponsors H.R.1636 Vaccine Safety Study Act Bill. - why isn't such a study done before we mass vaccinate our children???
Vaccines - Seizures
Vaccines - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Vaccines - SV40, Cancers, Polio (incomplete)
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2011. Invivogen. Vaccine Adjuvants - Review.