I Welcome Compulsory Vaccination

I Welcome Compulsory Vaccination:
Why? The issue of vaccination is always a very shady area. No one knows anything about it; neither the parents nor the doctor. Both sides are simply told it must be given, it saves lives. Making vaccination compulsory brings the issue into sharp focus. Both sides start talking and thinking about it. In my 33 years of campaigning I have witnessed the abrupt awakening of people in regions or sectors where vaccines are made compulsory. When vaccines were made compulsory in California everyone including the media woke up to the issue. Political parties were forced to take sides. Protests erupted. People started homeschooling. People left the region and migrated. The Pharma Politician link was brutally exposed. Politicians actually ran from interviews! The US President had to mention it. In Italy France and the whole of Europe vaccination has become a political agenda and politicians are forced into promising repeals as they seek votes. In the medical sector faced with compulsory vaccination nurses were out in the open denouncing vaccines and refusing them. They preferred to quit rather than submit. Doctors associations quickly denounced compulsory vaccination and emphasized choice. Doctors don't like to be forced into it. They want a choice. This opened people's eyes and the fence sitters jumped into the wagon. The compulsory vaccination issue forces people to open their eyes, research on the issue, examine both aspect of the debate, and take sides. They can no longer remain neutral and mute spectators. By the time the dust settles on the issue, vaccination gets thoroughly exposed. This is the way the cookie crumbles. I look forward to it.