For Doctors Suffering From Depression & Anxiety

Doctors Need Help.
Alerted by my posts in health forums young doctors are opening up about health issues they have. They are suffering from depression, anxiety and deep seated insecurity. How can we help them? I advise the following;
- As far as possible try to secure government jobs though they are low paying. Avoid working in corporate hospitals. Try setting up your own basic clinics by coupling up with friends
- If you are engaged in emergency duty try to shift to other less stressful departments
- Give up bad habits like use of tobacco and wine, excessive tea and coffee. Avoid sugar. Switch from table salt to himalayan salt, sea salt. Avoid junk food and take real food as far as possible. Take as much fruits and nuts you can
- Try to ensure a good night's sleep. For sleep issues choose from herbs like valerian, passiflora, brahmi, ashwagandha, etc. Take biochemic remedies like Kali Phos and Mag Phos
- For work related anxiety homeopathic remedies like Nux Vomica, Coffea and Bryonia work wonders. If you are fastidious, worry about the arrangement of equipment's in your clinic and are restless, Arsenic is the anti-anxiety remedy. Take in 200C potency
- If you have deep seated frustrations and suffer suicidal thoughts medicines like Aurum Met help, but you should consult a homeopath
- Avoid work place romances as they cause more trouble than one can handle. Develop strong friendships. Remain faithful to your spouse and make her/ him your best friend
- Take time out for travel, sight seeing. Attend public functions around your locality rather than medical conferences. Develop sound hobbies
- Read good books. If you are spiritually inclined read and practice to the extent possible. (A young lady who sought help from me now finds solace in attending Krishna sankeertans. I may mention that she is a Muslim)
- If you find it difficult to visit ayurved/ homeopaths, collect their mobile numbers/ e-mail's/ FB profiles and contact them. They are very helpful and provide help and guidance for free
- Please...please stay away from anti-depressants and sleeping pills. They don't help as you become addicted and your suffering worsens over time. I speak from personal experience.
Hope this helps. For any kind of support keep on messaging me. I am always there.