Artificial intelligence!

Artificial intelligence is the ultimate blow to humanity and whatever it stands for. It forever blocks the path of return and traps the species into a frightening world where both individual and spiritual growth are truncated. This is the ultimate goal of Satanism. Cutting off God from His creation. Vaccination and genetic engineering are the corruption of God's creation. It is intended. All of the global institutions the world mistakenly looks upon as saviour are the shepherd dogs leading the lamb to the ultimate slaughter. Science has been a very effective tool turning man away from his spiritual moorings into the lap of an worldly intelligent and seemingly common sense owning Satan. What is coming is unimaginable. Artificial wombs, cyborgs, humans with animal parts, animals with human parts, robo animals and insects. Mind boggling. And the world will lap up everything as humans will be promised eternal life on earth! What a deception! This has been tried many times earlier. It has always been like this. A phase of tremendous internal growth and wisdom, the gradual corruption, the promise of materialism, spurt of growth, the corruption of creation. And then has come destruction. Destruction in a grand scale as huge civilizations have disappeared leaving only few tantalizing fragments here and there. But all of this has resulted in tremendous pain and suffering for the multitude and that is sad. Whenever the subject of destruction came up Chakradhar would withdraw and his disturbance would be very evident in his stern face and sad eyes. From that I could make out what is in store. Sometimes he lashed out angrily at the questioner and it became evident that mortals cannot understand the pain and chaos involved. All over the world we see unexpected deaths. Chakradhar said many souls would choose to leave rather than witness the end days. Hardly 25% would survive the troubled period that would manifest as multiple events at several levels. Of those who survive 15% would be in a disabled state. Of the whole women would outnumber men 3 to 1. Chakradhar said He would not remain to attract the curse of mothers as had happened during the earlier Avatars. But His withdrawal was sudden and without warning. All of this too was predicted. Taraka Brahma would come at an appointed day and leave on an appointed day. His coming would become universally known at a much later date being announced by Sages who would inhabit and lead the coming civilization.