Are Infant Mortality Figures Correct?

Is Infant Mortality Improving?
We are assailed by figures of improving IMR allegedly due to vaccines. How accurate are these figures? Real life reports belie the claims.
- The number of spontaneous abortions are on the rise
- The number of still births are on the rise
- The number of premature births and consequent mortality are on the rise
- The number of babies not surviving 28 days after birth on the rise
- Daily infant mortality rates in Indian hospitals is anywhere between 8 to 14 if media reporting over the years on the issue is right
- The number of infants and children afflicted by serious and potential fatal illnesses is on the rise
- The number of children directly dying from vaccines and vaccination related illnesses are on the rise
In fact it is this abysmal state that is forcing international institutions to finally cry for nutrition and other measures!
What really is improving? And what about an Infant Morbidity Rate? Let us all know what is going on.

Vaccines Do Not Reduce Infant Mortality