Prana Shakti/Vital Force.

Prana Shakti/Vital Force.
Many of my friends wonder why I am going overboard with spirituality and dumping, even condemning, atheism. I do so because the spiritual force is the most important factor behind life and health. We observe many functions within our body, too numerous to understand. It appears to operate with an innate intelligence that is difficult to fathom. The answer lies not in the study of matter but in energy and spirit. Our sages said, Jaha Brahmande Taha Pinde. We are a reflection of the universe. The same force and intelligence that operates the universe also operates and is within us. Tantric practices start by worshiping this force that resides within. We exist and gain in physical mental and intellectual strength because of this force. It also forms the basis for spiritual healing. We neglect it at our own peril. This is why our ancestors imposed moral rules and regulations and inculcated values within us such that this force could be recognized and nurtured. Our duty is to respect and rejuvenate this force and pass it on unscathed to future generations. Our personal growth lies in harnessing this force to align with the universe and merge in the supreme intelligence that sustains it.

Prana Shakti

(Primal Goddess of transformation and healing)

 By Yogi Baba Prem


Ojas-The Sap of Life, Vigor, Vitality, Radiant Health and Luster

The Vital Force

The Vital Force – What It Is and What It Does

The Concept of VITAL FORCE in Homeopathy


  • The coordinating and defending principle in our body is the force or property of life itself.
  • This is the force that coordinates our System.
  • The force that keeps the balance between us and our surroundings.
  • The power that defends us from invading agents.
  • The energy that fights to get well when we are sick.
  • The energy that repairs our damaged tissues that makes us grow and develop.
  • The power that enables us to respond adaptively to an immense diversity of challenges.

What Makes Us Sick?

The deranged, disturbed disharmonious flow of Vital Force energy makes us sick.
  • Disease is not tonsillitis or headache or bacteria. These are all effects or end products of disease.
  • The real sickness is the disturbance in the normal functioning of vitality.