Ending Corruption in Mainstream Medicine

Ending Corruption in Mainstream Medicine;
1. The goal should be health with minimal non toxic interventions and maximum public health amenities including nutrition and exercise
2. The goal should be cures without side effects, not disease maintenance
3. The above two will result in job satisfaction and patient satisfaction leading to concentration on job at hand rather than indulging in corrupt practices
4. There should be willingness to study and learn from systems of holistic medicine rather than trying to reinvent the wheel or indulging in highly risky and unpredictable practices like genetic engineering
5. Medical education should reflect the above
6. The above four will result in drastic reduction in treatment costs, eliminate iatrogenic diseases and see the edging out of industry interference
7. Individualized holistic medicine will ensure patient safety and reverse the trend of seeing the patient as an irritation, intrusion or a commodity
8. Doctors should take the oath seriously and not grudge the fall in income
9. There can be a 100 fold increase in doctor’s fees but the system of earning from prescriptions should be eliminated
10. Empowering people with knowledge about healthy practices and reintroducing the kitchen clinic reinforced by nutrition gardens and village exercise clubs will solve the problem of unavailability of doctors
11. Village health workers to be empowered to deliver at homes
12. International agencies should be shown the door. Ethical Indian doctors should form associations and supervise
13. Doctors should be willing to engage with corporate forces to edge out unhealthy systems and practices