Mainstream Doctor on Vaccine Contraindications.

Before vaccinating we must ask the following questions;
1. Is the child sick in any way?
2. Does the child suffer from any autoimmune disorder?
3. Is there a family history of any autoimmune disorder?
4. Does the child or any family member suffer from eczema or any other long standing skin disorder?
5. Is the child on chemotherapy or any immune suppressive medication?
6. Is the child on steroids?
7. Is the child allergic to any component of the vaccine?
8. Has the child reacted adversely to the vaccine earlier?
If the answer to any one question in the above list is yes, the vaccination should be withheld.

- Dr Ajay Gambhir, Past Vice President IAP.

If the child is malnourished or under nourished, all live virus vaccines should be withheld.

- Dr B M Hegde.

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