Govt Admits Vaccines Have Killed 10,612 in India.

Child mortality: Post immunisation issues led to 10,612 deaths in 10 years

While ministry officials and a few health experts said vaccines are safe, used as a basic mode for disease prevention, and hence cannot cause deaths and medical complications, other experts said it was necessary to review every death to establish if they were caused by vaccination.
INDIA Updated: Jan 23, 2018 22:27 IST
Unexplained side effects to vaccines led to 10,612 child deaths nationally in 10 years since 2008, data from the Union health ministry revealed.

Nationally, Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) caused these deaths, with Andhra Pradesh (including Telangana) reporting the most cases (5,857), followed by Odisha (1,087), Bihar (752), Uttar Pradesh (561), and Karnataka (439). Maharashtra was eighth.
The data was brought out by a Right to Information query filed by activist Chetan Kothari.